Egen Immersion Build Application: By Jake


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I'm applying for an immersion build (57th time's the charm eh?).

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Hey, I really like your plans. I just wanted to suggest maybe considering turning the valley around so the river flows north-east into the one that is already in the Egen lands (obviously adjusting the elevation in a way that makes sense) so it is a) more connected to Egen, thus making more sense that it is part of their lands and b) that it is less connected to the lands that will presumably be used for a future vale of arryn megaproject because I can imagine the house style of that being different and if there is an open valley connection it may affect this immersion. If there is a mountain at that end of the valley, you could prevent that. I'm also not 100% sure how the cannon is on how many passes lead into the vale of arryn, which a path connecting Egen with your immersion build would be.


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Hey! Thanks for the suggestions. I'd rather not flip the valley's direction, but if I have to, I can do. As for it connecting to the vale of Arryn, I understand your concern, but the road doesn't continue past the Holdfast, and the terrain is pretty rugged in the pass connecting the Vale of Arryn and this immersion, so it would still be difficult to get past.

On another note, given the size of this immersion, there may need to be 2 approving mods (though it's up to you, mods).
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Hey Jake,

Your terra tests look great! Unfortunately, there's one major wrinkle, which is the somewhat recent knowledge of the height limit increase that's included in the most recent version of minecraft. Given that, I think it's probably wise to put a freeze on the entire "inner vale" (vale of arryn + northern mountains of the moon) until we're able to jump to the newest version, which (based on how sponge development is going) seems like it could come within the next couple years.

However, once I have some spare time to wrap up wickenden, I'll likely apply for a southeast Vale megaproject which is certain to have some opportunities for similar types of terrain, such as in the Ruthermont <-> Redfort mountain pass. Might be nice to have an apprentice at that point ;)
Just going to add this feedback for jake about terra, your forest looks cool but one thing to note is that the mountains of the moon would probably have huge snowmelt in spring, meaning that there would be more of a path carved by the water, perhaps with variations in the pebble banks around the stream and whatnot, logs pushed downstream last spring etc.

Also, all the other rivers we know of in the area, and valleys are highest in the west so it would make more sense to carve a way for the stream to empty in the east, rather than flow west.