so I made a creative word just because I heard you can spawn and ride dragons in westeroscraft. it said to type “spawn dragon” and a dragon would appear and you could ride it. well long story short I tried that. it didnt work. and I have a weird obbsession with dragons and I really need to ride one lol. here are the commands I’ve tried: /summon dragon; /wcdragon; /spawn dragon; summon dragon; “summon dragon” ; let me know if anyone else had this issue. I tried it in the actual wc server and in a solo creative world. any suggestions? lemme know... thanks! :) -camryn


The Dark Lord Sauron
Hi Camryn, apologies I hate to break it to you but the "summon dragon" command was an April Fools gag. You can summon horses and wolves in our game with /wchorse and /wcwolf

You may be interested in checking out the Ice and Fire modpack, which has game of thrones inspired dragons and other creatures. We'd love to have something like this in our game one day.