In Progress District Update Application - Dragon Square

Putting in my application for the bathhouse.

Plot description: "Not a fan of bath houses with lots of different pools. This should be a bathhouse built at the peak of Targaryen hedonism. A central pool surrounded by gorgeous lounge areas in chambers off the main hall. The structure should be mainly stone, very lavish and beautiful. Should be vaguely romanesque, with some gothic additions so it feels in style with other Targ builds on the server. Rooms should feel cavernous. High ceilings. Big windows."

The layout was a bit tricky, but I think I pulled it off (shoutout to Luk for a bit of stylistic help at the end too). I used this page as a source of general inspiration:

One difficulty was that I had to go outside of the plot a little and make a little kink in the road to the left of the bathhouse in order to get a full rectangular gallery for the courtyard with the cold pool (which looks much nicer than the curved gallery I had before, which you can find floating near my test). Luk, however, had the idea of adding two statues straddling the road (the orange wool in the test), which I think could look very nice. But if you don't like the idea, I'm willing to try something else.

None of the fine-grained detailing or palette is final, of course, just general layouts. Tentatively I'm planning to use a gray palette to match the guildhall next door, but I'm going to experiment with a dun palette as well.

You can explore the test on the top level of my test plot. I've left descriptions of pretty much everything using white wool, so look out for those.


Created another version of the test toning down some of the ornamental defensive elements with suggestions from Nuggs, shown on the right below. I like both of the versions, so I'm happy to go with whichever one is preferred.

Here's how it looks in the square with a quick WE gradient:

I've also updated the interiors with 2-wide columns and simpler vaulting, which makes it feel a bit more spacious. I'd be interested in trying to make the interiors 2 wider in the east-west direction, but it'd require cutting into the houses behind it (which would probably need to be redone anyways).
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Hey guys! I'm submitting my application for the Dragon Square Market Hall.

There's a vaulted undercroft used as the main market, with a large 'court hall' above - typically used for city meetings, guild meetings, auctions, etc.

The Lower Vaulted market will have spaces for stalls, storage, and an area for storing wagons and carts. A small Clerk's office chamber and Merchant Captain desk will be located here too.

The Upper Hall is split into two main areas, the Eastern end of the hall is the Merchant's Auction Hall with Clerk's offices, storage, and goods-in crane. The Western end of the hall is the Alderman's Court - a meeting place for the Alderman of the city (guildsman) - Here they would set the tariffs for trade, in and out of the city, set standards for quality, and lobby for advancement. It is a meeting place as well as a sort of 'tradesman's city hall'.

You can find an updated test on the 2nd level of my plot.


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Hey all!
I'm also submitting my application for the Dragon Square Market Hall.
As you can see from the pictures its still very WIP (no gradient, the tower isn't finished, the interiors have just a rough layout...), but the idea is to have a big open space for the main market on the groud floor, some offices for the the people that run the market hall and weighing rooms (maybe storages) on the second floor, and finally an auction hall and a big meeting room in the last floor.
Everything i just said is better explained in the test on my plot that can be found on the first floor of my plot at /warp padrao

Thanks for reading!


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Last call for Market Hall applications, particularly Enah thecoddfish if they wish to proceed.

I know some people are still testing for the bath house so I will hold off for now until people have a fair shot at submitting something.


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Also, seeking moderator approval to include the houses behind, as suggested by others.

I will wait a few days if approved to lodge any objections.

I approve the extension of the dragonsquare district,
incorporating the space between the two guildhouses on the square and the alchemist guild.
I like Emots suggestion to have a small courtyard with greenery to connect the three guilds together.

It will help transition the dragonsquare update into the neighbouring district :)
Hi all,

This is my application for the Dragon Square Market Hall.

The Market Hall consists of three levels - a vaulted undercroft, a large court hall and a smaller hall that sits atop the building. The vaulted undercroft hosts a large number of merchants and their stalls, selling a variety of goods to cityfolk. This is a well regarded marketplace, and the goods are of a finer quality than may be found at the lesser markets of the city.

The floor above is a grand court hall that hosts wealthy merchants, ships captains and esteemed tradesmen. This level is not accessible to any commoner, and the business that takes place is on a larger scale. Additionally a court may be held to settle minor disputes between the cities tradesmen. Some stalls will still be present up on this level, particularly those of moneylenders and merchants selling valuable goods.

The small hall is accessible by a singular staircase, and is where ledgers and receipts are filed away. There is also a smaller, more private meeting hall for the leading guildsmen of the city to meet on occasion.

Feel free to check it out in more detail on my plot - /warp thecoddfish.



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So firstly, I have chosen Emote’s bath house. We have been in dialogue throughout and I know he is willing to incorporate the immediate surroundings to settle his build on the square.

Secondly, I have decided to pick Ark’s market hall. The interiors are fully fleshed out, and I think the spires are very evocative of Targaryen extravagance. It also has a feeling of being a general municipal building, with the space being functional for a variety of purposes.

Codd, I think your hall is still a triumph, and think it could be retrofitted for a number of areas across the city. Pad, I would have liked to have seen further development of your ideas, but enjoyed your markers of the cities Targaryen past with the dragon gargoyles and other details.

Thanks Veg!

I'm making a request to gerrymander the Dragon Square district again and remove the houses immediately behind the bathhouse, if Veg is okay with it of course. This would allow me to make the main interior 2-blocks wider in the east-west direction, and also push it back slightly so it doesn't cut off the road between it and the market hall. The houses there can be re-plotted and re-built afterwards (I think we agreed that the houses immediately around the Dragon Square would need more in the way of a transition anyways, so it'd probably need to be done sooner or later). I imagine this would need another moderator approval.