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Hey Cowbee! Welcome to WesterosCraft Team

I'm Batelgause and i will be your probation leader for the upcoming weeks!
In this probation period period , you are expected to build at least 5 houses in different regional styles but you there is no limit on how many houses you build so you're free build as much as you want.
I'm from Turkey and my time zone is UTC/GMT+3 , Therefore , i'm pretty active so i dont think we'll have problem meeting meet online.

The probation period is usually a month, but if I deem you’re not ready I’ll extend the time, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
Mistakes are always important regardless if you are a probie or a mod, but,if there’s any better time to make mistakes it’s during probation!
And while building you can and should ask for help from other builders,hear their explanations, look at their examples and ways of doing things.
But don’t let them build and step in your place, the purpose is not to make state-of-the-art pieces with the highest standard,
it’s for you to learn and improve, that only happens if you do it yourself.

Here is the which might help for further information .

Please tag your builds with :

-Your name (it'd be good if you pick a signature block or something to distinguish your build)
-Number of the build (probation build #1 , probation build #3 etc.)
-The profession of the build

You should also post your builds here on your probation thread as well

How to post on your thread :

-Build number and profession
-The closest warp [/warp(location)]
-Coordinates x,z

You can find open plots in (/warp build) but this might be outdated in some occasions so it is easier to just ask other builders where to find open plots.

About giving feedback :

i prefer to leave feedback in-game directly but i can leave melons sometimes as well.
If you want to ask anyting feel free to reach me out via discord . my discord nick is Bâtelgausê.

i'm looking forward to see what you're up to . Good luck!
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Probie build #6: Farmer, wife works as a midwife
/warp roxtonhamlet2
-6875 40 18950


Probie build #10: Yeoman (ints + yard)
/warp risley (seems like I like this place lol)
-360 45 14075


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hey! 1 month period is the bare minimum for probation , probation ends when the probation leader decides the probie has shown enough improvement over the course to became a full-builder. I have been in a vacation for a week and will go through your builds when i'm back home :) I might promote you then.