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    It would make more since for bubble chat so its more immersive and have reason to go to place's and actually travel it would help strategy and and immerse you in the game so you real like your there instead of talking to someone in Sunspear while at the Wall.
  2. Hello thanks for the suggestion for the MMO! However, at this current moment it is actually more practical for builders to utilize the current system therefore if I need feedback in test on project, someone working in White Harbor can assist me and be notified of my request for a critique. I'm fairly sure the current plan already is for the MMO is to adjust the game's chat system, as I recall we use to have chat bubbles activated but they annoyed builders without being practical since the words still popped up in the main chat.
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    I support the idea if it's a ultra serious RP server.

    Otherwise, I can recommend you to make some channels like one chat for the people of the same house to speak together, or even a /raven instead of /msg which will create a book in the hand of the adressee with the words you wrote on, something like /raven SerLoras "It's been two days we are besieged by the Starks, we need reinforcements..."
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    This would be available if you were near a maester or maester in training who either has ravens with them or are in their rookeries I presume
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    yea, i hated bubble chats, they gave away your hiding spot...
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    there should be some kind of local chat though. And typing /tell is too annoying to use perpetually
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    we can try and figure out the distance that one could easily hear what someone is saying, then increase it again for a shout command. or is that just too much?

    Also, there needs to be some kind of delay or fault to raven's that might encourage people to send physical messengers
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    That's exactly what I though.

    and when you wanna speak to everybody in Non RP, just make a /norp which changes the distance and make it infinite so everybody can hear you. This would be useful when u wanna say hello to a friend who just connected, bu' more basically, it would be the chat we currently use.
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    There's plenty of rp servers that use a chat setting that's fairly easy to configure, iirc. There's also ready-made plugins that you 'buy' or something like that. Essentially, there's /ooc, which is Out Of Character and is a global chat. Then there's things like /rp for general rp that has a block limit, /i for indoors (rp but with a shorter block distance), /w which is whisper and is only a few blocks, /l which is local and is a block-limited OOC chat etc..
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