Block Change Request: Window blocks; changes and additions


Request: Window blocks; changes and additions

Request Type: Change

Try to describe all current uses of the block you request to be changed. Do you foresee any issues/ problems that could result from changing the block?
I’d like to propose some changes and additions to our gothic and timber frame window blocks.

Gothic windows
First of all I think it’s important to point out that the block I’m referring to here is the one currently called “[stone block] arrow slit ornate”. Let’s change this name to “[stone block/set] gothic window”.

A gothic window takes quite some skill and time to make, and is not something people would make out of cobble or other irregular stones such as our small stones. I’d like to propose to change the variants who use small stone as their basis to a variant of the same block set that uses stone brick (currently the Reach, Westerlands, Light Grey stone and Oldtown gothic windows use small stone). Furthermore, I’d like to request them to have a border in order to set them apart from the rest of a wall, since the stonework of a gothic window is often carved into a particular way that sets it apart from the wall.

I’d also like to introduce a glass version of the gothic windows, which would have a glass infill. Since gothic windows require some level of skill to be made, they’re usually made in structures that would have glass, such as septs, castles, civil buildings and mercantile houses. On the server it’s not uncommon to see gothic windows be combined with glass behind them, resulting in a 2 to 3 blocks thick wall in which the detailing of the window block may or may not be lost on the interior side. While a change of this might lead to some issues, I think they will be fairly easily resolved.

Timber frame windows
Similar to my request for glass in gothic windows, I’d like to request a variant of the timber frame window with glass as well.

It didn’t take long before two different colours of the window were used to create a cross-window or its 1 block wide variant, or to use a full glass block to represent the upper part. I think a glass version of these blocks would be great.

I’d also like to suggest to either have the braced corners removed or to introduce a braceless window as well.

Square window
Lastly, I’d like to request the introduction of a square stone window, similar to the timber frame window, but in stone. This window should be slightly smaller in order to line up with the gothic window.

Here are pics.