Block Change Request: Random Grass and Flower Models


Request: Random Grass and Flower Models

Request Type: Change

Try to describe all current uses of the block you request to be changed. Do you foresee any issues/ problems that could result from changing the block?
I'd like to introduce some random variations to the block models we use for all flower blocks. This is because our currently block model, a centered X of two tiles causes a visual tesselation effect when observed at some angles. This effect can be quite jarring and immersion-breaking when looking at larger areas of homogenous growth such as larger meadows, or possibly areas of low-vegetation marshlands such as in the Stormlands or in the Neck.

I've created and (painstakingly) implemented a ready-to-go solution.

You can view the full range of changes on my plot /warp Thamus.

But I've also posted a screenshot before:

Performance and placement in flower pots is one potential issue that has been brought up by Marge:

I have addressed both respectively here:

and here:


What was the final solution for this issue:

Because we generally use all the plant blocks for vases and rely on them being centered and single plants for this to work.


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The Dark Lord Sauron
I don't think we decided on a solution for it yet. Reiterating the options that Tham gave in a linked comment:

1. Don't change flower models; keep everything as it currently is.
Pros: doesn't break anything.
Cons: misses out on a chance to make flowers much more realistic and aesthetic.

2. Give vanilla plants textures so that they can be used on vases like this; change models of custom flowers.
Pros: easy to do, doesn't seem like it will consume much resources.
Cons: will require manually fixing existing cases, highly limits the number of flowers that will be able to be used for this.

3. Introduce a duplicate set of flowers specifically for pots, with the current basic model, while changing existing flowers to use the new model.
Pros: gives the greatest amount of freedom, allows people to use both the traditional models and the new custom models.
Cons: will require manually fixing existing cases, would add a fair amount of overhead if we make duplicates for every flower.

4. Don't make changes that introduce "clusters", but keep the other flower model changes.
Pros: sticking to models without clusters that only use centered tiles should fix the flower pot issue.
Cons: having only centered tiles will limit the extent to which we're able to randomly offset flower blocks, which was one of the main motivations for the new models.

5. Formally introduce Blockstates for flower blocks that allow the model to be conditional on the block that its placed upon.
Pros: would "automatically" fix the issue without us having to do any manual updating; lets us use both models without having as much overhead.
Cons: will require some changes to the underlying WesterosBlocks code; will likely take a while to develop, might run into unknown technical limitations.

I'll leave it to the community to deliberate between these options for now.


I'm not sure how hard it is to implement it, but I feel like the best option would be to activate this flower offset and varying textures when placed on top of grass, all other blocks just display a regular centered flower/plant block, like the number 5 says.
Alternatively, activate the non-offset version when it’s on a wall or fence block. There are cases where the flower blocks are not necessarily placed on grass-blocks, such as dirt or gravel, where it would be nice to still have the off-set version present.
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If we go with #5 and with the way our current server style is leaning I would say that having it toggle only on grass is most desirable. Currently we place flowers on pots, baskets, walls, fences, and many other blocks to simulate potted plants or window boxes, you get the gist. I think that #3 is the easiest option but why not make the new flowers that we add be the ones with Tham's new textures. Its easier to go through a field and use WE than to go through every house in Kings Landing. Lastly, I would find it annoying having to figure out which one in the inventory is the correct flower I want every time I use them so if there was a way to sort them better, maybe another foliage tab in the inv, It would be nice. This is just my take on it.