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Request: adding gold fence

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General Addition

Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes :

First of all, gold block currently have some variants, but not all the ones possible for other metal blocks like iron or bronze, which feel like these absent blocks are missing.

Also, it would be very versatile, allowing to add details and opportunities for creation in the most richest place that are coming, and also small golden details for altars, as Middle ages were crazy with gold in their art, architecture or sculpture.

On another note, it could be interesting for worldbuilding :
Currently, The sept have their crystals fences and walls, which symbolize light passing through it and refracting into all the gods colors ( as i've understand it). This add an idea of how the theology of the seven work in this world ( everything about light and colors, and one god within seven etc..)
I think a block which could reflect the ideas and theology between the R'hllor religion could be a good parrallel to it, and a gold fence could be used as this, with gold and it's reflective capacity enhencing the fire hypnotic effect on whorshipper, and symbolizing R'hllor themes of transmitting light and heat or creating dark magic, illusions ( glimmering of gold) etc.

As Oldtown and Arbor coming on the way to be built, wich will open some locations with fire temples, and dorne having some too, I think a block like this could be a nice implement to worldbuilding and ambiance creation around the fire god theme.

ty for listening to my ted talk on fantasy religion symbolism

Types of evidence to support your request: Historical

gold was important in medieval art, and statue covered with golden leaf were a thing, and putting gold wherever religion happen and where it was wealthy enough was too.
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