Block Change Request: Burnt Wood


Request: Burned Wood Type

Request Type:
General Addition

Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes.
As Harrenhal and Riverrun are progressing, the Riverlands and the particular point at which the server is set are set to show ruining and overall damage compared to other areas of Westeros. Part of this wreckage is natural destruction in landscape and forest. Currently, Dead or burnt trees are shown using jungle-thin logs and bark fences to offset from either Oak or Spruce. This works well, but there is the issue that there are schems and tree varieties that we use that are Jungle wood to begin with.

In order to better show destruction and burning of the natural landscape, I think a burned wood set (6 sided log, thin log, bark fence) would be a great addition in the Riverlands and around the server as a whole. I am not a texture person, but I would imagine a texture that would be darker than Jungle wood and appear more burned than the current Jungle wood gives off.