Block Change Request: Add Legume plant


Request: Add Legume plant

Request Type: General Addition

Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes.
The way we currently depict peas/legumes with the "pea" block, isn't really realistic to how legumes were grown in gardens. Important for it is that the Plant should be stackable, and maybe with signs of wooden supports in the texture.

I added a screenshot from Ardacraft as an example.

Types of evidence to support your request: Historical

Historical Evidence
How peas now adays are grown. Couldnt find an example from a historical site, but i saw a medieval garden in an open air museum, and the peas were also grown very similarly:
052.jpegHarvesting fava beans; Tacuinum Sanitatis, 15th c., Paris.:
Peas & broad beans; Platearius, Le Livre des simples médecines, 1480.:

Lentils; Platearius, Le Livre des simples médecines, 1480.:

Found all the historical pictures here btw.

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The Dark Lord Sauron
I'd like to figure out a concrete plan before I move this to in-progress. One issue that I didn't think about above is that the vanilla pea texture has multiple metadatas for different stages of growth, which are sometimes mixed in a field to add variety in heights. In principle random CTM could be used with the single-tile version of the new pea texture to get different heights, but often in recent fields this variation is done using Simplex noise, rather than Uniform noise. So, if we want to strictly phase out the vanilla pea block with a new custom block, we'd have to add multiple metadatas for the new custom block to reflect a few stages of growth. Otherwise, we could continue to use the vanilla block to show stages of growth for the single-tile variant, and introduce a custom block that people can use when they want a two-high variant, but this approach seems rather messy and sub-optimal IMO. Or perhaps mixing the different stages of growth is only necessary currently because of how plain the single-tile texture looks otherwise, and this won't be necessary if we create a better texture with 2-high CTM.



Hm maybe just not try to replace the current pea texture with the new block, then. The new block could just be a bit taller than the tallest pea texture in its default state, and then connect into 2- or 3-high CTM.