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    (The builder application page is down and I've been chomping at the bit to submit something, so here goes. Looking at the other pending applications, I think I can glean what the questions are. Forgive me if I've missed any steps!)


    US of A; California

    I think I saw a picture of old KL on the Minecraft subreddit. It was impressive and has only grown more so.


    All of the above (I think this is a question about the TV seasons?)

    Tyrion. I know what it is to be loathed, shunned, and ridiculed for something which I did not choose and can not change.

    Creativity. I can retain my creativity within boundaries and limits. Rules do not kill creativity, they nourish it.

    I'm interested in the construction of a virtual world by an amateur community vis-à-vis relatively democratic methods. I want to get my look under the hood.

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    Sorry for the double post.

    I feel compelled to mention that there is an extremely new and recent build in Stoney Sept, right by the square- a cobbler's house. The cobbler is a veteran of Robert's army. I feel I have to make it clear that I did not copy this backstory at all, but I still want to apologize for any resemblance. Plz don't ban me for plagiarism. :(

    Edit: I just realized the edit window for my op is still open, how long of an edit window do you guys have on here? I’ll avoid double posts in the future.
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  3. Hey Augurex,

    Good to see you applying! Your house is a very nice start and generally fits the KL style pretty well as-is, so I don't think it should take too long to get you fully up to server standards. I'll jump right into some feedback, and then give you a few challenge builds to work on:

    - Some of the details, such as the wood stripes and fences, are a bit superfluous and make the exteriors look kinda messy.

    - The extension/overhang here should have a roof (a shed-type roof using halfslabs perpendicular to the wall would look best). Never just leave daub & wattle exposed on the top or bottom. Also, in this case I would probably recommend not having an extension at all, since it takes up most of the facade and doesn't make much sense. Just do some jettying and make the entire second floor & up into an overhang.

    - Having the entire wall + roof extruded around the chimney is pretty strange (although not an issue if covered), you should just make the stone chimney adjacent to the house and build the rest of the walls/roof normally.

    - The interiors look pretty nice overall, although the hanging rope harnesses everywhere don't make much sense since there aren't any actual tangible shoes on them (usually they're supposed to be holding another block). I recommend trying a different way to represent the profession - sometimes it can be hard with our block limitations, so just try your best.

    - When using workbench or cabinet blocks, such as here, you pretty much always want to cover up all sides except for one. It's usually easy enough to do this with a half door block.

    For the first challenge build, please make a medium-sized house in the style of /warp woodwright. Feel free to ask if you have any questions on the feedback or the new task. Good luck!

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    omg! Thank you for the feedback! This will be so helpful, I can get more of an idea of how you guys customarily build (I’ve also since found a working link to the new builder guide, too).

    I somehow knew I would get Woodwright as the first challenge; I’m gonna get to work on that right away.

    Again, many thanks!
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  6. Hey Augurex,

    Lovely work on this house! You've pretty much nailed it, I don't have much feedback to give at all, just some pickier stuff:

    - The peak of the roof should be one block higher, following the slope of the roof (block, wall, block, wall...).

    - Food & herbs would probably be kept in the kitchen (if small house), or in a pantry area, rather than scattered around the house, so you shouldn't have them upstairs.

    - A house like this wouldn't have a poop-chute, they probably wouldn't even have a "loo" in the house (even though people on our server are in the habit of making them a lot...). In reality, they'd often just have a chamber pot which they'd keep under their bed, use, and then empty during the day. I lol'd at your caption though.

    - The daub & wattle patterns could be done a little better (mostly on the side with the poop-chute), I'd recommend looking a little bit longer at the woodwright ones.

    - The garden is beautifully done.

    For the next challenge build, please make a middle-class house in the style of /warp whiteharbor. The middle-class ones can generally be found in the southwest of the city. Good luck!
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    Weee! Thanks for the lovely (and fast) response!

    I just had one question... I couldn't get the wood cover to go diagonal next to the water barrel, so it would look like a washboard. Would you know how to do that? Or maybe it doesn't have that capability in SP?

    And now to White Harbor I go.
  8. It should be possible, you basically just have to place the wood cover block on top of the barrel as well. It will connect and make the other one diagonal. Then you can remove the one on top and the other one should stay diagonal.
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    Oh, well, that makes perfect sense; now I wonder why I’d not thought of it before. Thanks!
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