Almanach Expansion + Resources and Distribution


Hey guys, onto my third post of the night! I've researched and found a few resources that should be added to our world. The interesting thing about this is that there really isn't any solid lists out there...but by looking at the different types of armor and weapons they had and what they were made of, I was able to compile a small list of resources they HAVE to have to make the items they have. This obviously also applies to the distribution - we can speculate as to where these resources might be found, but other than that, there is no solid source. Here's what I have so far: (will be added to for sure)

Valyrian Steel (if we allow players to find it, it can't be crafted unless we decide we want it to be craftable)
Steel (crafted by mixing other metals)
Bronze (crafted by mixing other metals)
Dragonglass (obsidian)


Weirwood Wood (found all over)
Ironwood (refers to any types of I'm assuming Oak, Spruce, any already included with the WesterosBlock mod...)(found all over)
Goldenheart Wood (found in the Summer Islands)

I need to take a look at the different trees throughout Westeros before I submit wood types.

As I said, this list is quite small due to the amount of information available to me currently. I will continue digging around, but this is all I have so far. More is definitely coming, so stay tuned!
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for wood types look through the tree tests in the test world. The only way I know of getting to it is warping to my plot /warp aeksioondos it has elm, beech, poplar etc
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Goldenwood on Westeros would likely be only found in Greenhouses in the Citadel or Wealthy houses in the Southern most parts of The Reach.
That's what I figured. I just wasn't 100% sure so I stuck with the source saying they were located on the Summer Islands. They could be in Bravvos too....judging from what Syrio Forel said about the exotic things they have in Bravvos from trade and exploration.


goldenheart would most likely be controlled by the Summer Islanders fiercely, they might sell the wood but not the seeds or saplings. It's such a strong wood of course they would try to monopolise it.

In that case then at the very best Goldenheart trees would only exist as a scientific curiosity in the Citadel's greenhouses, if we really want to be generous.


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I am in the process of making this.

Everything that has no mention to be growing in Westeros is grey. I think it's fair to assume it's native to either Essos or somewhere else outside of Westeros, and therefor can't be found on Westeros. As for Goldenheart, it's implied that it is not cultivated on Westeros since gifts and objects of the woodtype are held in high regard in Westeros.