Almanach Expansion + Holding the Iron Throne and the King's Court


Hello again everyone,

This evening I am bringing you another piece of creativity that will hopefully help out and fill some blanks of the Almanach. I am going to write shorter and sweeter ideas, and if anyone is interested feel free to PM me for more info or to just pick my brain a little further! So without further ado, here's how I think the Iron Throne should be held, and how the King's court will be established.

The Iron Throne I thought was actually a relatively easy issue to tackle. To understand how some of it works though, you would need to read my post on Player death. If you did not, or lack the time to, I basically said that players should get one life PER CHARACTER. Meaning they need to create a new character each time they die. There's a lot of reasons I promote this idea, and I encourage you to go check those out. But using that system will make the Throne a simple task to tackle. Essentially, I see players holding the throne for as long as the community lets them. There are three ways I came up with for losing the Throne. They are a) Resignation b) Exile c) Death. This will ensure that players are being cautions of their actions, and will let the community decide when enough is enough. Letting players hold the Throne for a guaranteed amount of time is not a good idea due to the pure madness that could come from a mandatory ruling period. So that is my thought on holding the Iron Throne.

The King's Court is also a simple issue. Just like in GoT, the king will appoint these members to the court (small council). They will serve until a) Dismissal b) Resignation c) Death. This will help kings chose how they want to run their kingdom (I.e. Iron fist, peaceful, etc.). That really sums up the court selection. I did research and dive into the positions and responsiilities as well. I will list those at the bottom, that way those of you here for the ideas don't keep reading onto the not-so-applicable to the question asked portion of this.


Alright, for those of you that are sticking around here is what was promised. I will name the position and what they do. That's really all there is to it... so here ya go!
Members of the Court
King - makes all final decisions
Queen Regent - just an advisor
The Hand - most trusted advisor, acts as the King's proxy when he is absent
Master of Laws - expert legal advisor
Master of Ships - chief naval officer
Master of Coin - chief treasurer and bookkeeper
Master of Whisperers - chief intelligence advisor
Grand Maester - advisor
Lord Commander of the Kingsguard - leads the Kingsguard, also tends to advise on ground war to the king

The Lord Commander of the City Watch is technically not on the small council, but is usually present at meetings to report on the status of the city.

So there ya go, some of the positions the King will need to fill! Let it be noted that the Master of Ships and Law is consistently left vacant by many kings. Thanks again for reading! Have a nice night!!
Hey, you're doing a really nice job on the Almanach so far! Thanks for that :)

Just a feedback here, concerning the King: I think we need to make the position non-gendered, meaning we could have King OR Queen, and not stop women players to be Queens.


Thanks! I'm really trying my best! I really want to be a part of this

Yeah I think you're right....and don't get me wrong I wasn't trying to make it seem unfair, it just ended up that way with the research I did! But yes I agree with you! There should be an equal opportunity for all players to hold the Throne. The only question I would have to address would be if there would be a King/Queen to rule alongside with the actual reigning King/Queen...
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Yeah I think you're right....and don't get me wrong I wasn't trying to make it seem unfair
Haha don't worry, I wasn't intending you were :)

The only question I would have to address would be if there would be a King/Queen to rule alongside with the actual reigning King/Queen...
I think we'd have to consider the question of marriage of characters between players, or even between a player and a NPC...
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Haha don't worry, I wasn't intending you were :)

I think we'd have to consider the question of marriage of characters between players, or even between a player and a NPC...
That's what I was thinking...the benefits of that would also allow players to join great houses together by King Roberts plan to wed Sansa and Joffrey...which creates really strong alliances! I think marriage between players is what we should aim for the most. There isn't too much to gain from marrying a NPC in my eyes... Maybe we even consider the possibility of letting players rule even if they aren't married? And if we have a marriage aspect, do we go ahead and leave that open for all players to get married and create families(smaller families of course) on their own?
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Then, shall we consider the question of Family, like, the father who orders his daughter/son to marry someone else? Cf Lord Taywin L.
And the king may decide to accept or deny it, in such case he will rule alone. ( Just an idea)
Can the king legally interfere with marriages outside of their own house? I can't remember an example of this occurring in the books but would be an interesting prospect
In the player death thread I've done something that kind of inter-relates to this thread
'I had some idea that kind of merges some other ideas which relies on numbers within a house or group of allied houses. There currently is a bit of a problem with the idea of children so I was thinking, how about adopting junior members of the same house or a closely allied house? This would be a way of creating a successor, someone to inherit the titles, lands, etc if the lord dies or leaves. The parent, having formally adopted the heir, would then be able to teach them selected skills and attributes (to a degree) that they have learn.
There are several options for what can occur within this. If the lord does not feel the heir reflects their same opinions, they can choose another, which would damage the reputation of the ex-heir and give the ex-heir a possible reason to try and intrigue their way into power. The heir could be fully trained but feel they are being held back by the Lord and depose the elder either by military power or by discrediting, disgracing, accusing of madness (George III). Then there is lawful and natural ascension. So three possible options for succession, natural, through arms and through intrigue (perhaps should include assassination).

This would rely on player death causing the loss of everything as to keep stakes high for intrigue and assassination but create a safety net so that all house control and reputation removed, while also creating more targets for assassination. The selection of an heir could also contribute to intra-house strife as possible heirs strive for throne'

To prevent abuse of this system, those seeking to be selected as heirs would have to gain standing within the house, to prevent one player naming another heir despite them having just joined the house


We still have lots of work to do about all this stuff. Could be nice that other people give their opinion on the subject so with all this "brainstorming" we could make something 1) realizable, 2) favorable to everybody and of course 3) measured, not unfair.

We also consider the potential number of players that might join a house, overlord one or not so we can make something concrete.
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number of players joining house increase as total number of players does? that way we don't have everyone flocking to join their favourite from the HBO series. When the MMO is younger, perhaps a limit of players depending on the size and power of the lands, unless the family is known for being particularly large e.g. House Frey. However, there need to be caps that mean that smaller houses are not dormant.
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