[8/23/2017] White Harbor Open Applications


This post contains a list of all the subprojects currently open for application in White Harbor.

The following list contains subprojects that must be applied for by creating a thread in this subforum. An ideal application should consist of enough tests to thoroughly give the mods an idea of what your final product will look like, as well as any other plans and research necessary for the building. Forum applications will require two mod approvals in order to be officially approved.
Sewer-related applications are marked in blue. For more information on these, see Thamus's post below.
Apply on forums:

*Need somebody to finish the exteriors and do the interiors. As such, only interior plans are necessary.
**Need somebody to finish the interiors. As such, only interior plans are necessary.

Additionally, there are landmarks around White Harbor that only require testing on plots. The following list contains buildings that only require tests to be built on a builder's plot. Once you've made these tests, ask a mod in-game to view your tests and give you permission to build that plot if your tests are of sufficient quality.


Apply on forums:

  • Seal Rock
Test on plot:
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Hi everyone, seal rock is now open for applications! Please make a thread in the White Harbour subforum with your app.

I did the remaining terraforming somewhat hastily, so please feel free to modify it in your plans to suit your needs. But be sure to take into account the whole island in your plans!