1. Margaery_Tyrell

    Approved Redo Appeal: Norcross, Brightwater Keep, Hastwyck by Margaery Tyrell

    Hello this is my official redo appeal for the following projects and an added Update appeal for half a project, in order for my Mega Project for the Upper Honeywine I'll go one by one: My full plans below: Application...
  2. Guillaaard

    Reach-Westerland transition sub-style : proposition, discussions and inspirations

    hello everyone ! Right now there is no consistant nor real discussion about how the piemont of the westerland going into the reach and how the transition between those two very different region could look, and it's curently looking quite abrupt. In regard to this, I propose the creation and...
  3. Iwan

    Oldtown: Feedback and Suggestions

    This thread is for feedback on the project in general or any aspects of it. If you have anything to share with us, please let us know here.