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    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    I’m only using the top two blocks and am happy with them for now, Ark’s vision of Riverrun will determine the direction of the others blocks.
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    In Progress Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear

    Lem's your port of call in the first instance as she's the Westerlands pro, approved
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    In Progress Highgarden

    I enjoyed doing the Duskendale one, so here's an early look at the Highgarden video due to go out later this week. I'm still learning how to edit so be gentle; V
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    Project Showcase: Duskendale

    I've had an idea of reading from the books for a while, though recognised that this could put us in hot water regarding copyright, so I wrote up a little blurb for Duskendale and put it over some cinematics. I really enjoyed making this, so if you'd like something made up for your project, it's...
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    Immersion Build Application - The ruined seat of House Justman - by Antony_Justman

    Your images above suggest at substantial ruins. As the Justman's kingdom was thousands of years ago in our universe, I'd prefer to see merely the suggestion of a castle, with potentially substantial remaining earthworks. The image Dutch provided above would be something interesting to pursue...
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    Project Application: Maidenpool

    That's helpful, thanks Antony!
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    Project Application: Maidenpool

    Been toying with a long forgotten barrow of an ancient Riverlands king, a Justman, Mudd or Teague in the woods somewhere. Something like the below, Let me know if Antony Justman wants a Justman barrow! :)
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    Janzzy Builder Application

    Hey Janzzy, You've made your first step in the right direction, however have unfortunately missed the mark in building something appropriate on the server. Exterior feedback; Keep your darker blocks (in this case the cobblestone) at the base of your building, with the lighter blocks at the...
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    Erdzo Builder Application

    Hey Erdzo, Sorry it took me a little while to respond! Good attempt. Firstly, I have no faults with your interiors, so good job! I'd just reconsider the plant pot sat on top of stacked firewood! Picky I know, but then that's the purpose of this application process! I think your exteriors are...
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    Project Application: Maidenpool

    Have a cool idea for a mini which could go in the treacherous Maidenpool woods? A bandit camp? The suggestion of the ruin of an old Holfast? Show me, and I'll find a place for it. Alternatively if you find a spot you think would be a great locale for a mini, let me know too! - Veg
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    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    I think I was naive in thinking a transition could be made between the reach blocks and the red sandstone/dun, so reach --> new maidenpool blocks --> dun/red sandstone blocks. Depending on whether Ark thinks there's a use for these blocks in Riverrun, this new block becomes a block which could...
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    Project Application: Maidenpool

    I agree with the above on both counts. The town will have a major sept, attached to the bath house complex, but I'll be dotting a couple more across the town. I will certainly put a godswood in the castle-- whether ot not it'll have a weirwood I'm not sure. I know there was some canon to...
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    Project Application: Maidenpool

    Hi Dutch, I'd actually forgotten to link my model, which does have what I referred to as 'sluice gates'-- a phrase GRRM uses to describe Riverrun's moat flooding system. This is all taken from the medieval layout of Southampton too-- a coastal town with a moat. V
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    Project Application: Maidenpool

    Interesting, I hadn't considered that approach! My inspiration when I think of the Riverlands is firstly Wales, and the rest of the UK subsequently. Both Beaumaris and Flint castle, both in Wales, have tidal moats so I had taken inspiration from them. I'd visited Flint when we'd had bad rains a...
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    Project Application: Maidenpool

    Hi all, Mercifully, Duskendale was a server build, and as such I am able to apply for my own project whilst Duskendale is subject to post approval. This project will be a co-op with my beloved Ammika, who will join me only once Whitegrove is complete and post approved. This will give me ample...