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    Immersion Build - Hospital Complex Near White Harbor by Ric and Seri

    Hello everyone!! I know me and Ric haven't been doing as many updates as we'd like, but we reached a stage where we've made substantial progress :D Here's the current project's land: Changes from the original plan: -We've built a keep for a landed knight, this came up when we were...
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    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    Looks amazing great job cash!
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    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    More inspiration:
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    Dornish Marches Terra

    I like the result! But I still feel like it looks very "artificial" I guess, idk a word for it. Maybe in hand work after the script could better it, or maybe if the scripts could vary in thickness for the striations, but only slightly like a 0 and 2 thickness variation in small areas, I think...
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    Oldtown: Feedback and Suggestions

    I really liked going through all the inspiration images in the huge google drive folder, I gathered a small amount of medieval places here in Portugal, not all are necessarily fit for Oldtown but I found them useful and interesting nonetheless, specially the military structures/castles, the...
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    List of Schematic Brushes

    Hello! I'd like to ask if there's any way to have a 100%complete schemset list, there are a lot of schems that aren't currently on the list and some that I didn't even knew existed like MediterraneanRock, and OTSentinel, and I'm sure I missed dozens of them since the /schlist is 900 pages long...
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    Should the overlay pack (or parts of it) become official?

    I agree with Stoop, I really like the nature stuff, but the plasters if they were to be added they need some tweaking because I feel like for example with the light stone it covers too much the reach stone, and the visual amounts of each material change with the overlay making it look remarkably...
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    Dornish Marches Terra

    What Azulejo said reminded me of the Serra de Sao mamede national park near the Portuguese Spanish border and there’s an area that’s a transition between mountainous forested areas and dry low plains that’s very rocky and it’s wet during winter and very dry during summer: these pics are during...
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    Dornish Marches Terra

    I feel like we’ve done a substantial amount of progress in terms of figuring out what the area should be. For example the Starpike area is described as “Unwin Peake, whose own house was land poor, rich in stone and soil and pride, yet chronically short of coin” so basically very rocky and not a...
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    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    I'd like to suggest to maybe add the biome variation there is currently in the stone bricks plethora of blocks to the 6-sided stone slab block, it would be very useful for castle floors and such.
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    Completed Application for House Wells in the north

    Really confused about this comment.... xD
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    Westeroscraft Texture Pack Megathread

    I'd like to ask to maybe reconsider the red slate texture. Right now it has a very cherry red hue, which I have never seen in roofs. I searched a bit and I also didn't find any plain red slate either but maybe some orange slates with a slight red-ish hue like this one could work: Or maybe...
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    The Arbor: Feedback, Suggestions & Testing

    Beautifully said! I myself can attest that so far all my feedback and opinions have been heard or taken account. Keep up the good work!