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    Dark Theme bug hunt!

    Here's a PNG with the text off-white instead of off-black. Not sure if this is the right file type (I know geeberry likes svgs), but you can crop the logomark out if you just want the text.
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    Hi all

    Yay! We love Mars :) Happy to have you!
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    In Progress Project Application- House Langward- Sappertsc

    I also want to express that there's no need to rush yourself! We are a hobbiest community, and we're not paying you to meet any particular deadline. The goal with every project should be to make something you are happy with. Don't burn yourself out by grinding to finish in a month!
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    Completed Lonely lighthouse

    Finally had the chance to look over your project, and I have a few things to fix before post-approval: The sand needs to be smoother in areas. There are sections where it's pretty good, but there quite a few others where there are huge jumps in elevation that look very unnatural. The grass...
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    The Arbor: Applications thread

    I am indeed working on some plans for Mermaid's Palace!
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    In Progress Project Application: Wickenden Redo

    lol of course you announce you're done with Wickenden as soon as I press send on the Rookery :P
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    The Rookery - Winter 2020 Update

    We don't include all WIP projects in the showcase. We showcase a few each issue. We always accept specific submissions for WIP projects to include during the submission period!
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    Winter 2020 Holiday Contests!!!

    We've revealed the winners of the building and photo contests in the Winter 2020 issue of the Rookery! Congratulations to the winners, and great job to everyone who participated!
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    The Rookery - Winter 2020 Update

    (Image is the link)
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    Proposal to Update /warp jobs

    You can start working on whatever you want on your test plot. Whether or not it replaces our current system at the /warp jobs location is what will require a decision.
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    Winter 2020 Holiday Contests!!!

    The contest is closed! Thank you to everyone who participated :)
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    In Progress Central Westerlands megabuild (Tarbeck Hall, Sarsfield, Oxcross, Hornvale) by lemonbear

    Scubooty : It's been a long time coming, but I finally was able to check out your updated tests, and I approve! I'll get another mod to take a look, too.
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    In Progress Western gift "continuation project" by Johan

    Johan, you've been doing a great job with these smaller builds up north! I agree with Dutch that this qualifies as an immersion build, and I'll happily approve the project! (And I'll check on your lighthouse in the next day or so.)
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    Winter 2020 Rookery Submissions OPEN!

    Don't worry about being in the new builder section! I make sure to include everyone approved/starting probation since the last issue. And, we can definitely try to find a way to include Sapville!