Minecraft Username



Automatic Trophies

  1. Yellow Gold (500 points)

    Link of Economics - Awarded for donating $5 or more
  2. Bronze (300 points)

    Link of Astrology - Awarded for posting over 30 messages
  3. Black Iron (400 points)

    Link of Ravenry - Awarded for a reaction score over 100
  4. Copper (100 points)

    Link of History - Awarded for 1 year since user registration

Awarded Trophies

  1. Red Gold (900 points)

    Link of Art - Awarded for creating community content

Special Trophies

  1. Armillary Sphere (1 point)

    Awarded to users who helped make models and assets for the Intro project
  2. Crown of the Mad King (5K points)