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    Gerblederp Builder Application

    Great build Gerblederp! I have little to no feedback to give, I think you basically nailed the style. I would only recommend you to remove the grey pebbles on the street outside, or at least blend them with some other pebbles between them and the Dorne pebbles, so there is not such a harsh...
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    Gerblederp Builder Application

    Overal good job! Now I will give you some feedback about it: When doing stone yard walls try to make them more smooth instead of having many jagged edges. What I mean by that is that you should alternate slabs and no slabs on longer strips, so it looks slightly uneven, but not too chaotic...
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    Gerblederp Builder Application

    Hey Gerblederp! Nice work with the app house and sorry for the wait! Just so you know, if you don't recieve a response after a week on any of your posts you are encouraged to bump it. It's very easy that posts get lost between all the new entrances, so we are glad whenever someone reminds us...
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    Hemp in Westeros - by Wursti

    One small thing though, cannabis as a recreational drug is not mentioned in Dorne. The only reason why we could make the relationship is because in our world hashish was common in the Muslim world (we have many smoking pipes from al-Andalus for example). It is canon however its use for rope...
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    Hemp in Westeros - by Wursti

    Hemp as a block is a kinda new addition to our block set, so that explains why it's underrepresented currently. We are still working on implementing it more all over, specially in areas like the Reach. Posts like this bringing light to the topic again are amazing though, thank you Wurst!
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    Block Change Request: I want shitty, brown, murky and chunky water.

    I would also love to have this but I think one of the issues why this was never implemented is the fact that we can't made Minecraft water murky or cloudy, it's always transparent. So brown muddy water ends up looking like regular water dyed brown. If there was a way to prevent this to happen it...
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    In Progress Project Application: House Willum by Daenerys (update/redo)

    Hey Dany! I just wanted to give you a small suggestion. Yesterday I went to /warp willum3 and I noticed that many of the houses have the same or very similar layouts/orientations. Instead I think you could try to have a bit more variation in the shapes of the plots, trying to make them flow with...
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    alcalpella Builder Application

    All that said, I think it's time for you to get to the next stage. Anything new to learn would be much easier to do ingame. Consider yourself approved :D! Next time you get online ask an available moderator (those with red names) to promote you, and before that make sure to read the New...
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    alcalpella Builder Application

    You're right about the use of odd numbers in façades in his type of houses. It allows the roof to look more clean. It's not that big of a problem though, specially since you are now aware of it. Regarding the yard yeah, this fancier house would probably be in the center of the town and lack a...
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    Fire and Blood Season with WesterosCraft!

    Builder that loves to add storytelling and meanings to your work, this is for you! Refugee or bandit camps, siege workshops, a road lined with gibbets, various buildings on fire/under attack, a slice of a seige, naval battles, hamlets affected by war, cities redoing their walls, battlegrounds...
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    alcalpella Builder Application

    Don't worry about answering "late" Alcapella, take the time you need for doing your application. The only one here who should answer within a week is me hahahaha. Going back to your house, Overal nice job! As usual now I will give you some feedback about it: Don't use dirt on your path/soil...
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    Lonely Hills Terra Project

    We all know you can do terra, but tests are still needed in any kind of app. They show us how the inspiration and ideas unravel ingame. They also let the rest of the community grasp what the objectives behind the project are.
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    Hey, guys, who do academic writing!

    I personally don't use it a lot, but for starters there's Google Scholar, a search engine based on Google that is centered around academic publications. It may be good for a first rough round of scouting. ResearchGate is free after making an account and has a decent amount of publications. If...
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    In Progress Stonedance by Rexstop - Application Thread

    Quarry approved by me as well, nice job!
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    alcalpella Builder Application

    Nice work RockRock (or maybe Alcapella, what do you prefer?)! I will give you some feedback now. Seems like you gave it a profession right? I would assume it is a carpenter, but for other challenges please let me know what profession you are doing. Another small tip for the future, try to take...