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    In Progress Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    Yea, I am picking up Boggs again. While I have my Southshield app ready, Id rather finish Boggs first, and then do the islands, with a perhaps a chance of it becoming a mega build. -_Simbaa
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    Block Change Request: Rope/Chain Pulley Block

    Request: Rope/Chain Pulley Block Request Type: Bugfix Describe the issue as detailed as possible, outline all the steps that lead to undesired behaviour. Include in which biome you have observed the effect. Include a screenshot of your video settings. Right now its impossible to have...
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    Heralding Iwan

    yet under his oppression, we are all in his possession, Iwan OH Iwan! Would a server wide revolution, be the solution? Iwan OH Iwan!
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    In Progress Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    As I said, ideally I would have kept both going at the same time and jumped between them, however rules dont allow that. And Southshield should be small enough to keep me busy for a 1-1.5 years. Afterwards Ill finish Boggs as promised. Also it wouldnt be my project if havent abandoned it...
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    In Progress Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    Update: I have decided to take a break from this project, recently It hasn't been progressing at any meaningful pace. Therefore after consulting with some mods, I've decided to officially "abandon" this project, in order to squeeze a small project in-between Boggs, as I have quite burned out on...
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    Block Change Request: Dark Brown Slate

    yea those are the ones i meant I think
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    Project Application: House Norcross by Opaco

    I just want to point out the fact the we already have the equivalent of your inspiration on the server - Honeyholt, furthermore could we get some updated castle tests? Since if I understood you correctly, the current wool model at your test-plot is dated?
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    Block Change Request: Dark Brown Slate

    Request: Dark Brown Slate Request Type: General Addition Try to describe all workarounds and associated issues that make it necessary to add this block in your eyes. It would add a darker roof slate option for regions such has Stormlands & Vale and others... Furthermore if done right...
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    Completed Project Application: House Westbrook by Ubeka & Simbaa

    It will be just the castle, and the TS blocks, by revisiting the lands i meant updating it with the new TS blocks. Thats about it
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    Completed Project Application: House Westbrook by Ubeka & Simbaa

    Hi, I like to ask permission for a small Westbrook update. just a gradual over-the-time fix up of the Castle gradient along with an update to it with our new blocks, and some other minor changes, to help bring it up to date. I would probably include a a revisit to some parts of the lands aswell...
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    Westeros Heritage List

    I would like to nominate The Crag, as it was the build that defined our latest Westerlands style
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    Shield Islands

    Like many in the community know, I would like to aim for a Shield Islands Mega Project (Greyshield, Greenshield, Southshield) after finishing Boggs (in around 1 year). Right now I do have a Southshield Terra-test pasted in test that I have been reterraforming in my spare time ( its going through...
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    Abandoned Horn Hill by Dragons, Wolf and Inf

    May I recommend giving Wolf time until summer? from my understanding he has been on hiatus due to his studies - like many other builders, and stripping his project away from him after 6 month since the last forums updates seems bit drastic? According to /seen he has been online a month ago which...
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    In Progress Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    Question: Given that the lore states the presence of deciduous trees on Cracklaw, would it be reasonable to include them - in forests and such, even though Dyrden has none? I was considering having some mixed forests on the South-western side of Boggs, with a transition to mostly full pine to...
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    In Progress Project Application: House Boggs by _Simbaa

    I would like to start extending the salt marsh into the ocean, towards the woolen markers I have set up. Given that this practically extends the Projects boundaries I would like to ask my approving mods for permission first.