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hey Des. i am a probation builder and i build a house of a farmer at Hagsmire1. i didnt do a yard because there was no mention of it.
so should i do the yard or not?
with kind regards Vickon.
hey codd,

as an approving mod, would you mind having a quick look at wellsnorth, as i have finished it. Iwan already approved and if you did it aswell i could then shelve it.

The plotting is fine. you can make the test. i pasted the area on your plot, if thats ok, so you can just use the real terrain for the test
The terrain is done, at least roughly. You can apply now, the vegitation and details will be added later. :)
the popeyes chicken sandwich isnt even that good
I just had popeyes yesterday but forgot to get one to try.
but it isn't made with pickle juice or hate...