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The Reach

Project Lead(s): Jakeyy_boi__

Build Type: Castle

Warp: /warp varner

Project Application:
Thread 'Application Thread: House Varner Redo by Jakethesnake'

Build Status: Completed

Start Date: Aug 3, 2020
Completion Date: Jul 25, 2022


Nestled in the shadow of a line of hills, Varner borders Peckledon and Hamell to the north, Lyberr to the east, Newbarrel to the south, and Redding to the west. Its villages and hamlets are characterized by a unique, rural charm.
Be sure to check out Kerseyford, a bustling economic center with many notable features, such as the trade hall, the holdfast turned sept and the ford to which Kerseyford owes its name.
Other highlights include the Delham Septry, tucked away in a thicket of woods, the septons there have a strange connection to a mysterious sprawling oak tree, hidden away from prying eyes.
On the border of the Westerlands lies Belleglen, a series of cottages dotted on the slopes of a hill, which has an imposing holdfast watching over the border. Elderbrook is in the heartland of Varner, and is named so due to the abundant elder trees in the area that often can be found near the water’s edge.
Sapphoshire is the easternmost village, and it sits alongside the Rose Road guarding a bridge that crosses the river you’ll find meandering through the Varner lands. It’s an important stop for travelers.


/warp varnercastle
/warp elderbrook
/warp violethall
/warp pendleton
/warp delham
/warp delhamseptry
/warp belleglen
/warp kerseyford
/warp sapphoshire


Varner started in August 2020, but would not see completion until nearly two years later. The reason being that I wanted perfection. My drive for that unattainable goal was fueled by periods of triumphant building and shameful redoing. This continued until at last, the summer of 2021. It was then when I decided to meticulously plan the project and put in more research than was necessary. Hours of tinkering and toiling, days of planning and testing and head-scratching coalesced to form the perfect application. I followed about 65% of it, but I’m flaky like that. When I started to implement my plans, I could tell something felt different. For a few weeks I couldn’t place it, but one night it hit me - I was happy with the project (a foreign feeling to me). I had broken the curse. “No more redoes,” I promised my mods, and I set about building Varner in my image.


I was inspired by my home county of Suffolk, England. When it comes to cozy houses and villages, their charm is unmatched in my eyes. Using what’s around me as inspiration helped create a cohesive vision as I’d go out for a walk, take pictures and think “oh great, I’ll put that in this hamlet”. I was also inspired by Burgundy, France, for the Westerlands border, as it helped marry the two styles easily.