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A hidden valley in the Red Mountains

House Yronwood

Project Lead(s)
: Antony_Justman & Zsomiking

Build Type: Village

Warp: /warp Rmvalley

Project Application:

Build Status: Completed

Start Date: Jul 12, 2020
Completion Date: Dec 18, 2022


North of the castle of House Drinkwater, deep in the Yronwood domain, lies one of the many remote valleys that dot the mountainrange that is the Red Mountains in Dorne.

The valley, has a deep and ancient history, tied closely to the First Men culture of the people that call it home. It is a land, where every stone, every tree has a story to tell, and the ancient traditions of the First Men still run deep in the the blood of its people and thus are blended with the cultural aspects of the Andals to a certain extent, still retaining their original flavour.

The herds of sheep and goats are the lifeline of the men of the valley. In the summer years the men leave the village with their herds, for the mountains, while the women, children and the old remain back to tend to the other harvests of grain, oranges, lemons, grapes and ofcourse olives.

Surrounded by great mountains and deep forests, the valley provided a refuge to its people and thus, in the seclusion and peace that protects them, its people live in relative harmony. Although, the valley is part of the southern lands of the continent, it is still deeply similar with the Clans of the Northern Mountains, in culture and hierarchy, with the lands presided over by House Drover, a small and ancient House of petty lords.


As one walks northwards, following the path north of the quarry, one would be met, by the towering forest covered, twin peaks, that flank the entrance to the valley. They are believed to the guardians of the valley, as they hold spiritual significance to the mountainmen.

On the road, before reaching the village, among orchards of lemon, olive and orange trees, lies what was the ancient village of the valley. It is a small and possibly unrecognisable settlement, with most of what where its buildings being ruined to their foundations, with only the remains of a holdfast beeing actually visible as well as a small sept for the wayfarrers, positioned on the road.

At the furtherst point of the valley, surrounded by olive groves, lies the village of Ram's Horn, named from the shape of the hill on which it sits. It is a small settlement of stone houses and roof tiled rooves. It has a small central square on which one can find the ancient village sept as well as the small Towerhouse, that is the seat of the local Lord.

As well as the main road, there are countless small paths and passes around the valley. All of them lead somewhere and await for the player to uncover their secrets.


The immersion build was started back in July 2020, by Antony_Justman and Zsomiking. Even though it initialy seemed easy, it took a gruelling 2 and a half years to be completed with the much needed help of AeksioOndos with some of the initial terra, and parts of the forests.

With Zsomiking leaving the server after the summer of 2020, Antony_Justman, was left as the sole lead of the project.

The village was nuked almost twice in the process of building the project, while the second southern village that was originaly planned, was destroyed and replaced by the ruined settlement that takes its place.

The making of the terrain was the apsect of this builds that took the most time, with the various processes involved beeing tedious and time consuming at best, as the mountains and hills of the valley, even though created with voxel where then smoothed by hand, so that they would take their final shapes.


The build is generaly inspired by the Pyrenees region of Spain, with Antony trying to emulate the style of the nearby project of Wyl, while the some of the shapes of the mountains surrounding the village, share common features with peaks both in Spain as well as the Island of Crete, which offered some inspiration to the build, initialy.

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