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Hey y'all!

This is my and Finn's app for the Fishmongers Guild, Fish Market, and Fish Weight House in VT1. Y'all can visit it on my plot at /warp IronGiant.

Hey IronGentleGiant FD001__ I'm happy to approve the market & weight house, provided the feedbacks/changes I told Finn are implemented.
Will come back to you for the guild asap.

applying for the smiths district, full plotting and style guide can be found at /warp homiesucc, just fly upwards
Alright, happy to approve this new district of Vinetown!

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Hello! I have been gone on and of for a while now but I think I will be on a little more active now. So I have lorch currently in the works and a King landing district, All the building are done I just ned to go and approve some stuff and feedback etc. But I would like to know your though and if I would be able to test for the Southern Borough district. I know its not open but I though if I start getting work done know it will be ready for when it is open. I thought I could apply like I did with my kl district with house tests and a full plotting layout of the district. I don't want to g straight into a big solo project (well for me its big) and love doing the city style work and especially the southern arbor. So I wont get planning just yet but though I would leave my mark so you know :)
Vinetown Arsenal Main Woodworkshop

Carpenters, craftsman and skilled woodworkers produce there on request individual ship parts that are not manufactured in the shipyards.
The wood comes from the hills of the arbor or, depending on the material, from other regions.

The main building has an old windswept weathered look with open dock area around.
Due to the raised center section, large rudder blades, galleon figures or bow attachments can be manufactured. There are smaller workshops for finer woodwork, mechanisms and a mast shop producing mastheads and look-outs.
A master craftsman monitors and controls the main processes and workflow.

Two cranes (wip) can lift heavier timber loads on or off the dock.
In front of the main building there is an open hall for processing masts and preparing them for erection. The masts are lifted, loaded onto two wagons for transport or driven to the mast ramp at the rear.

I've filled the dock a bit, the floor outside I'm told will be finished by Elduwin


thanks to tobi and horst who each built one of the workshops