Update Application - Street of Flour

To add to what Spike said, the two houses near the dragon pit entrance have the basics of a large volume bakery. They have large ovens with storage for wood under and soot traps.

Generally, bakeries should have :

-Dough bin where during the night bakers would make large amounts of dough, and it would rise.
-Preparation/shaping area
-Rest area before shipping
There have been a lot of comments as to why we only fly the Baratheon banner at the Street of Flour. Most people want us to fly the Lannister banner beside the Baratheon or use the Red Keep Banner.
Nuggs and I are in agreement that Kings Landing is a Baratheon city and it would primarily fly the Baratheon Banner without the Lannister Lion.
With the rumours about Joffrey, Cersei would be even more careful to enforce Joffrey as of the Baratheon bloodline.
Finally, this street is run by the bakers guild not directly by the Red Keep.
What would people's idea be on adding a small faith-run refugee camp at the southwestern dragonpit entrance?

I am thinking proper tents for refugees, a small soup kitchen at the ground floor of a warehouse next door. Some or all of the warehouse could also be incorporated into the humane treatment of refugees under faith supervision.
If people are into this, we will open up for tests for it :)

Been listening to the audiobook of GoT again and it struck me that when Catelyn describes the Dragonpit in the chapter when she arrives in KL that it is not necessarily built out of black stone but rather that it is black because it had been destroyed/ burned down. She describes it like this: Across the city she can see atop Rhaenys' HIll the blackened walls of the Dragonpit, its huge dome collapsed in ruin.
I suppose this is a decision for whoever will update the dragonpit itself to make but I would argue that the lower entrances of the dragonpit, as seen in this district, would not be blackened like the top of the structure and would still be its original colour.
(idk if this was a discussion when the original Dragonpit was built so if this has already been settled, ignore this please.)

Update: In Sansa's last chapter in GoT she sees the Dragonpit from atop the gate of the Red Keep and descripes it as "the fire-blackened ruins of the Dragonpit". So more support that it is not fully black and that its blackness is caused by fire.
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Everything related to the dragon pit belongs to the dragon pit district, even if located in another district :)
There are lower sections of the dragonpit vaults whos entrances are located in and to the west of the street of flour. They are black. Renly's discussion could affect work that takes place in your district. This is something that should be taken into consideration now since there has been no current interest in updating the Dragonpit 'district'. My point is that these decisions should be made while the district is WIP rather than after its completion when the Dragonpit is eventually updated in the indefinite future.
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Although it would be nice to see these entrances done already, I do agree with Spike's stance. The King's Landing remaster will not be complete without an overhaul of the dragonpit. Therefore, it will be done eventually. I think it should be up to the person or the persons updating the Dragonpit how they want to adress this issue. I don't think it is fair to decide on the colour palette of the structure here with such a small part of the building actually being in the street of flour district. It is important, however that it is clear that it is the responsibility of whoever ends up doing the Dragonpit, has to do these entrances.


Just to be clear, I am not saying YOU have to do it. I'm saying you should be thinking about how it will this possible decision will affect your district and be prepared if or when these decisions are made. This same scenario applied to the retaining wall design you chose for the Southern part of your district bordering Flea Bottom. Though both the retaining wall and Dragonpit vaults are located around the Dragonpit in various locations, their styles are also located in your district. Thus, the reasoning to be prepared for any adjustments that need to be made.
There are a lot of buildings in the District that needs interiours, if anyone is interested.
These are marked with a bronze block above a gold block. Most of them have their exteriours completely done. You are allowed to make minor changes to the exteriour to make it fit your interiour plans.
Damn, I am glad to hear that. Been trying to hit you up on Discord. Endt said you were taking a looong break from Westeroscraft.

I will leave the guildhall and your 'poet' for you.
I started working in the healthcare system here and it's pretty chaotic post pandemic. Also the city's population grew way more then past predictions and there's a lot of planing going on trying to manage it.
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I have replotted the eastern part of the district now.
One issue, I've encountered is a previously very well hidden old entrance to the dragon pit, converted into a hobo cave. I don't really know what to do about the cave, and I figure the Bakers guild would be wealthy and influential enough to clear the cave from hobos.
I figure the gate belongs to the dragon pit area, but would it be possible to collapse the entrance almost entirely, so theres only a small, hidden access point from the cave?
The last five full plots of the district is now open at the eastern end of the district. These are marked with a pillar of gold blocks. /warp kl14b.
If you are interested in doing ints, there are still 2 houses in the center of the district and 4 in the western part of the district that needs ints. These are marked with a bronze block on top of a gold block.

Come help me finish the district :D
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