Update Application - Street of Flour

To add to what Spike said, the two houses near the dragon pit entrance have the basics of a large volume bakery. They have large ovens with storage for wood under and soot traps.

Generally, bakeries should have :

-Dough bin where during the night bakers would make large amounts of dough, and it would rise.
-Preparation/shaping area
-Rest area before shipping


There have been a lot of comments as to why we only fly the Baratheon banner at the Street of Flour. Most people want us to fly the Lannister banner beside the Baratheon or use the Red Keep Banner.
Nuggs and I are in agreement that Kings Landing is a Baratheon city and it would primarily fly the Baratheon Banner without the Lannister Lion.
With the rumours about Joffrey, Cersei would be even more careful to enforce Joffrey as of the Baratheon bloodline.
Finally, this street is run by the bakers guild not directly by the Red Keep.


What would people's idea be on adding a small faith-run refugee camp at the southwestern dragonpit entrance?

I am thinking proper tents for refugees, a small soup kitchen at the ground floor of a warehouse next door. Some or all of the warehouse could also be incorporated into the humane treatment of refugees under faith supervision.
If people are into this, we will open up for tests for it :)



I love the idea! refugee camps would assist making KL feel like its in its proper time setting! These would be a great thing to have at some of the major towns of the riverlands too, like SS, MP and FM.