In Progress Update Application - District 1 "Gate of the Gods"


Hello everyone

Alex and I are applying for the 'Gate of the Gods' district (1).

District Description
This is the district in the immediate vicinity to the gate of the gods. Its main features are obviously the gate itself, the square behind it and the houses lining it. Beyond the fancy house lining the square and main street, the district is mostly characterized by the low-class thatch houses.

New Canon
We have found no canon inconsistencies for the immediate district. One thing I would raise is that the gate of the gods doesn't really fit it's canon description when you compare it to the other gates. The gate seems to be the main / biggest gate, while it is relatively small compared to others. The barracks near the gate of the gods is also too small: "Moreover, at the time of Queen Helaena’s death, we have abundant proof that Ser Luthor Largent, the purported killer, was eating with three hundred of his gold cloaks at the barracks by the Gate of the Gods."

District’s Current State
The district has in our opinion some plotting issues. The north-eastern corner is for example mostly filled with small thatch houses plotted very densely against each other. There is also a lack of diagonal houses on the main road which makes the road feel very boxy and makes most houses stand out as separate entities, rather than part of a bigger whole. Based on quality and plotting we have decided that 78% of the district is red, 21% orange and 1 green house. This might come across as very harsh, but the high percentage of red can mostly be attributed to the north-eastern corner. Other than we think we have made fair judgment based on the houses their quality. Some of the profession choices are weird and will need to be shuffled around. Some of these would need larger yards or workspaces for forges, etc. to accurately represent the professions.


Update plans
Stylistically we will follow the already set out style. For the fancier houses, we will follow the style that has been established at Duskendale. We will redecorate the square to feel more lively and represent that a lot of farmers from outside King's Landing come to sell their vegetables there, as stated by canon. We will add more warehouses along the houses attached to the walls. Some of the professions will be moved around.

The Biggest changes will be made to the north-eastern corner of the district. We plan to wipe it and replot it unto multi-tenants, adding diagonals and a bit more breathing space. We plan on keeping the general "vibe" of the granaries.

We would love to work on the city watch barracks, but these are currently oddly "gerrymandered" to another district and are set aside for Knight_Krawler?


The test can be found at /warp Endykltest
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Hi Endy, I'm happy to approve your app. I would say perhaps the barber-surgeon's house on the square itself is more of a green than red (or at least orange) and the cute double staircase entrance to the glassblower nextdoor would be nice to keep too, though I understand the top half of the building could be improved.

As for the barracks, my memory might be failing me but I thought Noah did that in old KL - I will chase this up with the respective parties and let you know. I have no big objections to it moving districts.
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Now that the eastern part of the district is approaching completion, we are opening the northern part for building. Plots are marked with gold. You don't need to make the gardens. We will build them later for better cohesion. Style examples can be found in the finished area near the granaries and the back alley. If you have any questions feel free to ask either Alex or me.


Royal Messenger
Not to bash on a nice build whatsoever just came here to state that the Sept on the south end of the District was actually not open to be done yet as it is within the Border of KL9. Was it cleared with Codd or another mod before or after it was done? Obviously I'm not here petitioning for its removal just wanted to bring it up, you know how sometimes somebody will see something done and think its okay for them to do it, I don't want people to start going out of the district bounds.
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The adjustment of the border to the south was indeed approved by both Codd and Cash -who I reached out to because he drew initial borders- prior to the construction of the sept. It would have been hard to adequately design a public space without building the main feature in it first. The road on the western border has also been straightened and the white wool lines are suggestions for future plotting adjustment.

Naturally, once either of the bordering districts are claimed Alex and I will be coordinating with future district leaders how to make the transition as seamless as possible.​


Hey I started reading ACOK, and there's an inn called The Broken Anvil that Tyrion and Shae stay at when they arrive in Kings Landing. It's located near the Gate of the Gods gate walls. It also features a balcony that faces towards Baelor's. Was wondering if this inn was implemented into the district. I took a look around and didn't see anything.