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Greetings all,

This thread is a short guide on how to become part of our story team here at WesterosCraft! If you haven’t already read @IwanDeLarch post about story quest lines, I would encourage you to do that before applying.

There are a few requirements that must be met before qualifying for the team. I will list them here...

1. Have above general knowledge of the books/HBO series.
2. Be able to commit 1-2 hours a week to Discord voice chat meetings.
3. Be able to commit a good portion of time to developing and writing quests.
4. Have been around the server for at least 6 months. The more knowledge of how WesterosCraft works, the better.
5. Write a 3 Act quest line for one of the regions and put a link to it in your application. Look over @IwanDeLarch forum post and look for the document showing how we organize quests.

Now for the actual application. You can copy/paste this if you’d like. For now, just reply to this forum post with your application and link to your quest document.


Years of Minecraft Experience:

Time Spent at WesterosCraft:

Tell me about your favorite character from the books/show. Include why, don’t be generic:

What skills will you bring to the team that would be helpful when it comes to story writing?

Favorite MMORPG’s you’ve played before and why.

How is your week organized in terms of your free time?

Do you have Discord? Ability to voice chat and attend meetings?

Reason you want to be a part of our Story Team?

Please complete and reply to this post. I will respond to each of them via PM. If you do not get accepted, you can reapply in 3 months.

***NOTE*** This position is open to everyone...that includes No-Builds, Builders, etc. I am accepting 5 positions as of right now.

Thanks everyone, happy applying!


IGN: lavahunter92

Years of Minecraft Experience: 8ish, maybe more

Time Spent at WesterosCraft: I've spent over 3 years on the server

Tell me about your favorite character from the books/show. Include why, don’t be generic: It's tied between Olenna Tyrell, Tywin Lannister and Stannis Baratheon. My favorite aspect of ASOIAF is the politics and these three characters are best at talking, cunning, politicking and controlling the entire story. They are my favorite characters.

What skills will you bring to the team that would be helpful when it comes to story writing? I've always had a big fantasy in my childhood and I love coming up with small stories and fun details in my builds (see my contest build at /warp contest2019, could have been a quest location).

Favorite MMORPG’s you’ve played before and why. World of Warcraft has been a favorite, but I've also played some minecraft MMORPG's like Wynncraft. I love story driven games and being immersed in an environment. I love going on big adventures and exploring worlds with interesting stories.

How is your week organized in terms of your free time? I will be going to university in a few months but I expect I'll have plenty of free time, as I have had a lot of free time in high school too and generally have quiet weeks/weekends.

Do you have Discord? Ability to voice chat and attend meetings? Yep, i will send my handle once I'm accepted.

Reason you want to be a part of our Story Team? There's two big ways to contribute to working on this server and seeing my building skill isn't amazing I'd love to contribute to the MMO aspect of the server. I'm also such a fan of the books and this community I'd really like working on this project together with an amazing team and talking about something I'm passionate about.

Quest: I'll just post the entire quest here seeing the link doesn't seem to be working.

Working title: Outlaws at the Trident

Idea for a semi-common, simple quest, not region specific.

Act I: A ragged man is having a loud debate with the shopkeeper when he turns around and faces you. His face is covered in blood and a large black spot covers his cheek under his right eye. ‘You there, are you the only one with some fighting in you left in this bloody muddy pig-sty of a town? I’ve been robbed by some wretched scum in the trail and I want my supply back. Just follow the Riverroad east and you should find the bastards hiding close to the road. I’ll give you some gold if you bring my stock back. Here’s me thinkin’ a well renowned merchant would get some escort through this cursed region. This land is really going downwards since…’. He continues angrily mumbling and shouting to the shopkeeper before ordering a beer and throwing it back in a single gulp. [Find the bandit hideout and retrieve the stock]

Act II: [The bandit hideout can be found by a log blocking the road and a small camp hidden behind the base of a fallen tree close to the road. There are no bandits present and the ‘stock’ is nowhere to be seen.] New quest: Locate the bandits and retrieve the stock.

Act III: [The player follows a trail left by the lousy bandits and stumbles upon a large abandoned farmstead. Upon entry the player hears conversation] ‘... bows and arrows and other craven weapons. An axe is my weapon of choice. Now learn to fight with that axe and we’ll get somewhere. We got that rich lad and got his supply? I guess, though the lords won’t be pleased and they’ll start down the road anytime now. This hatch should keep us concealed? I pray to the gods it does, otherwise we …. wait *hush* I think I hear someone upstairs.’ [The player should look around the farmstead for a hatch leading down to the basement, where three bandits sit at a small table drinking and talking. They will attack the player and upon death drop items according to the MMO system. The player will be able to retrieve a box of supply to bring back to the merchant. The merchant will reward the player with loot fitting the MMO system.]

That's it!


IGN: N0tLuc1F3R

Years of Minecraft Experience: 7

Time spent at WesterosCraft: 1 month but have been folowing the channel for 2 years.

Favourite character: Oberyn Martel. His passion to find justice to find and kill the murderer of his sister and her children. His knowledge of poison and how to use it. His is a great warrior. The stories he tells since he has travelled the world. He loves his children even though they are bastards. All interesting things I find in him.

What skills will you bring to the team that would be helpful when it comes to story writing: From a young age I have been fascinated in creating stories or alternate universies from our world or fictional worlds like GOT of LOTR. I also have a vast knowledge of the ASOIF history as i have spent a lot of time researching it.

Favorite MMORPG’s you’ve played before and why: None as i have not played any that are to my liking aside from servers on Minecraft.

How is your week organized in terms of your free time:

During the summer I am free almost everyday. Otherwise During the year I would be mostly free but there will be exceptions for periods when there are exams. I would generally have a lot of free time.

Do you have Discord? Ability to voice chat and attend meetings? Yes I do and I am on the WesterosCraft server though under another name.

Reason you want to be a part of our Story Team? I love Game of Thrones its a unique world that has fascinated me for 3 years. The fact that you try to recreate that world in Minecraft gives me so much joy. I love the project and would love to contribute. I am neither good at building nor programming and this is the obly field i specialize in. I really want to contribute in making this server a reality and this is a way i know i can be of use.

Working Title: Honour or Gold

Location: Near Mummer's Ford

Note: I mention the rebels as being part of the Brotherhood without banners even though it has not formed yet. They are supposed to depict one of the many survivor pockets of the army sent by Eddard Dtark to crush The Mountain and his army that would later join/form the Borthehood Withour Banners.

Act 1: As the player strolls through on of the roads to a village close to Murmur Ford he is stopped. Four Lannister soldiers stop him. He has two options to choose. He can either kill them or help them. If the player decides to kill them then he would find himself overhearing the rough location of some Brotherhood Without Banners soldiers. If the player decides to negotiate then the lannisters would pay him to find the camp of the Brotherhood and bring the location of it to the Lannister soldiers. The player either way has to find the camp. The path to the camp would be visible by having following a grass path dirt blocks scattered in the direction of the camp. Along the journey the player would meet 3 scouts. If the player had killed the Lannisters then he would pass freely through them while if he negotiated with them he would have to kill the scouts.

Act 2: The path leads to an area surrounded by bushes which is where the camp is.In the middle of it there is a Tall tree with roots that go deep. The camp surrounds this tree and refugees from the plunder can be seen there. If the player had killed the Lannisters then he would be take to the leader. The leader gives his help and requests more help for which he wiould pay for. He explains that there is a regiment of Lannisters that are searching for the camp and that need to be silenced. He informs the player of the dire state the camp is and that it cant afford to send the manpower to combat the threat. That is why he requests the players help to eliminate the regiment and in return he promises a small amount of money but what lacks in money it would be compensated in gratitude. Before the player leaves he meets Anguy whom gives him a bow and arrows and wishes him luck. You are told to follow smoke from individual campfires around the forest. Each campfire would have 4 soldiers there having a total of 5 camps. If the player chose to negotiate with the Lannisters then he would just need to find the base then retreat to where he found the soldiers he would then get payed a small sum . They would tell him to go to the different camps to tell the soldiers of the location of the camp.

Act 3: If the player killed the Lannisters then he would have to travel around the forest and find the camps. There he would have to fight the soldiers a total of 20 soldiers splited into groups of 4 per campfire. If it is done then the player would be highly praised amongst the Brotherhood. After destorying the the regiment the player would return to the base of the Brothehood where he would first talk to Anguy. Anguy would pay him and also give him a good bow. The player would earn the perk "Defender of the people" which gives bonuses to the player when dealing with the common folk in the Riverlands. If the player negotiated with the Lannisters and after he gave the location he would have to go back to the Brotherhood camp where he would see blood everyone,burned down tents,heads on the floor and Lannister soldiers. There the soldiers would pay him a solid sum of money and give him a horse taken from the rebels.

This quest can be done in order to gain popularity either with the Lannisters or the Brotherhood Without Banners and Starks and Tully's. This quest is the opening quest to other quests that go alongside the story of the Brotherhood without Banners.
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Donkey Lord
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AeksioOndos, though on these forums I do believe I am AerioOndos or AerioOnos. idk

I have been playing minecraft since around 2010 but had a 3 year break after the free trial stopped working. I finally bought it 2 years ago, though after the price increased.

So I saw some of the wallpapers way back in the earlier half of this decade but couldn't find the server. I finally found Westeroscraft and ghosted for over a year (2016-2017) before applying for builder late 2017 iirc. Under another account I mentioned some of the stuff I had kind of worked on for the music megathread but I didn't know how to convert from my pen and pencil staves into .midi. I am not sure where the sheets are now but it was mainly ambient music and was not very much in period.

I've always found the 'Favourite Character' question always a bit difficult as I try and get inside the heads of different characters, especially when reading the POV of a certain character. An example of this is that Podrick Payne is my favourite character when reading Brienne's Chapters but Dolorous Edd or Satin when reading from Jon's. I particularly like these characters because I can't see from their perspectives literally, I find it more interesting to imagine what they might do or might be thinking in response to the events of the text. This gets added depth when I can see some of the historical and literary parallels between characters, events and notions within ASoIaF.

What skills will you bring to the team that would be helpful when it comes to story writing?
I am somewhat cynical and very, very into realism when it comes to RPGs and fictional writing. However, I do have an open mind and would like to think of myself as pragmatic. I think this could become an asset to the team that might help it be more grounded in realism because that is what makes the server far more interesting than a fantasy server and what ASoIaF is about. It is historical fiction with some elements of fantasy introduced.
Additionally, I am widely read and know one or two medievalists who I can pick the brains of.

I am not one too much for MMORPGs, a notable exception being Life is Feudal and roleplaying in a Rust server. I mostly play singleplayer games and engage with people through Co-op. Skyrim, Minecraft LAN, as well as some reddit based RPs.
Life is feudal was great as I loved the rationalism and realism of it, something that Rust is missing.

I have quite a few hours spare each day, though live on the eastern coast of Australia and thus might not be able to make some meetings due to having to run off the head of household's times. I should be most accessible through these forums as Discord is blocked at school. Also, term is ending in a week so I will have 3 weeks holiday.

Do you have Discord? Ability to voice chat and attend meetings?
Discord is something I have access to and I have an external mike I can rig up to my computer, I just need to figure out how to do so. Ironically, it has the best sound quality during a thunderstorm. As mentioned above, my meeting attendance might be difficult and I would need to know times in advance because of my remote location in regards to US-EU timezones.

Reason you want to be a part of our Story Team?
I think that I can contribute a lot to the story, especially as I have a thorough knowledge of the events and have read every scrap of ASoIaF stuff I could get my hands on before Fire and Blood was published. I also believe I am somewhat adept at writing narratives and would like to see small actions potentially have larger implications. Plus, I am not necessarily the best builder, but I can write a lot and love to do research.

This quest is set in either the North or a place in the south where the Old Gods are still followed (Riverlands). It is a religious quest for the Old Gods and requires the house/area to have a reasonably sized godswood.
Also, this could be simplified as it does have many segments and some parts might be difficult to implement
For this I will substitute in locations, starting location being Wullvillage3, second location being Knottham3, but it could be any 2 places with an accessible godswood really which is why I picked them. Having an unnamed peasant in the Godswood of a castle would be kinda weird and the character would need more background to them.

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