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I am appealing for a redo of Stackhouse under clause 1-c) Abandoned Build Clause: If a build is incomplete and filed under the projects orphanage as an abandoned build, it may be allowed to be redone. The intuition behind this clause is that it can be difficult to pick up someone else's outdated work, and if we expect people to do this very few people would want to apply to finish abandoned builds. However, moderators reserve the right to veto a redo for an abandoned build if they deem the existing portions to be particularly high quality.

I chose to apply for a redo instead of a foster because a lot of the building uses outdated techniques and styles that would be difficult to revive and update to modern standards. Further, with so much of the project being incomplete, it makes more sense to start from scratch.

Evidence of Abandonment:

Evidence of Outdated Building:


Nice to see you apply (finally :p)! CC and I discussed in-game and he’d like me to be the editor for this project. I think it’s a great opportunity for my first ‘job’ as there isn’t really any challenging terrain, and I can ease myself into the position. Happy to help you out, bud!
It would be worth asking Elduwin for pointers on how to complete the Westbrook delta so that it maybe be stylistically contiguous with the Uffering coastline.

ContraBlonde I would also consider asking Endymion and IMajic about the mini they've built at sthham3, it looks to be incomplete but seems to follow modern build styles more closely.


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App coming in the near future
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