screenshots! SUES Renewed shader adapted for Westerosblocks.


I modified the SEUS Renewed shader for Westerosblocks, and came up with these screenshots, among many others, but the forum is limited. (link: imgur) Note that if you want to use these screenshots, the license for SEUS Renewed demands that credit is give to its original author, SonicEther.

The main fix was getting the right block ids for windows and other transparent objects.

There is still the issue of transparent arrow slits and cheese blocks and such, but this is a problem on Westerosblock's end. (Do not mix transparent and non-transparent blocks in the same block id! I believe the property is "isAlpha" or something - it is hard to figure this out on the shader side.)
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Glad to see all that logging in and out paid off Chuckles! Thanks for being so helpful. In terms of uploading images, yeah the forum has a max individual file size, uploading them to imgur might be the easiest way to share them.

Keep in mind we're also running the shader contest right now if you want to save your favorites for that!


Are you allowed to share your modified shaderpack or is that against SonicEther's EULA? If you aren't, maybe it would be cool if we (read: you and the mods) could get in touch with SonicEther about releasing an official SEUS WesterosCraft shaderpack? I'd imagine if you had to download it from their website, so they get the ad revenue and all that, they would be more willing to let us do it. Cool to see shader pics without all the strange bugs that you get with the modded blocks though.