Under Review Rimegate Wall Castle Application


Donkey Lord
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Hiya Uthor! With the Rimegate name, the second option is better because of the history of outer defences at the wall castles. After the Night's King was destroyed, the Starks tore down all the curtain walls and south-facing fortifications. After the revolt of Bracken and Mallery, I'd assume the Starks similarly broke down any defenses the two traitors could have quickly pulled together.
I'd assume Mallery and Bracken would have shored up some outer earthworks/earthen ramparts before the Starks arrived. Some signs of comparatively recent repairs before further destruction might be the more interesting way to go about uniqueness, rather than adding a ruined gatehouse. At least one other wall castle (Stonedoor) refers to the state of its sealed door. I'd always assumed that Rimegate was heavily hoarfrosted after it sealed.


I wish we had a "ooohhhhhhh" reaction because that really helps! Lots of things to consider, Ill leave this thread up for now, but that gives me a new plan to consider. Thanks Aeks ill update this when I come up with something!!!
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