Redo Application: Darkdell


ContraBlond, IronGiant and myself are submitting a redo appeal of Darkdell under clause b) and c)

c) Abandoned Build Clause: If a build is incomplete and filed under the project orphanage as an abandoned build, it may be allowed to be redone. The intuition behind this clause is that it can be difficult to pick up someone else's outdated work, and if we expect people to do this very few people would want to apply to finish abandoned builds. However, moderators reserve the right to veto a redo for an abandoned build if they deem the existing portions to be particularly high quality.

Evidence of abandonment:

We are also going to modify terrain in accordance with the inadequate canon clause as the current Prince's Pass exits too close to Darkdell and the Reach castles, potentially confusing guests as to which is Nightsong.
b) Inadequate Canon Clause: If the build under consideration objectively lacks important canon, which directly impacts the planning or style of the build, it may be allowed to be redone. For this to be satisfied, the claimant must prove unambiguously that a substantial amount of canon has been missed. The claimant's case will be assisted if it can be shown that this lack of canon was understood to be an issue before they intended to apply for redo.
The three of us are going for a full redo to properly address canon and carve a hole in the spur that extends west of Nightsong and then have that as the beginning of the passage. Then, we'd add the another spur running northwards to partly obscure Darkdell lands from Nightsong to assist in making the two projects feel larger.
Why we are doing this is because currently, Darkdell sits directly north of the Princes Pass exit. This is the position that Nightsong is said to be in and always when Dornish armies left the Prince's Pass, they would either pass or attack Nightsong first. There is no mention of Darkdell in lore, besides its members. And yes, while the lore does mention entering the Reach and burning villages, there will be accessible grassland villages and ruins of such on the grasslands east/north east of the spur, in easy reach of a potential fowler army if it had taken Nightsong.

"The Dornish answer came the next year, when Lord Fowler led an army through the Prince’s Pass and into the Reach, moving so swiftly that he was able to burn a dozen villages and capture the great border castle Nightsong before the marcher lords realized the foe was upon them. When word of the attack reached Oldtown, Lord Hightower sent his son Addam with a strong force to retake Nightsong, but the Dornish had anticipated just that thing. ...Rather than pursue, Ser Addam returned at once to Oldtown to relieve the city, but Ser Joffrey and his army had melted back into the mountains as well.
The Vulture King himself fared little better. Unable to capture Nightsong, he abandoned the siege and marched west, only to have Lady Caron sally forth behind him, to join up with a strong force of marchers led by Harmon Dondarrion, the mutilated Lord of Blackhaven. Meanwhile Lord Samwell Tarly of Horn Hill suddenly appeared athwart the Dornish line of march with several thousand knights and archers. Savage Sam, that lord was called, and so he proved in the bloody battle that ensued, cutting down dozens of Dornishmen with his great Valyrian steel blade Heartsbane. The Vulture King had twice as many men as his three foes combined, but most were untrained and undisciplined, and when faced with armored knights at front and rear, their ranks shattered. Throwing down their spears and shields, the Dornish broke and ran, making for the distant mountains, but the marcher lords rode after them and cut them down, in what became known after as “the Vulture Hunt.
"North of the Prince's Pass is Nightsong in the Dornish Marches."
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