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    Thanks Johan, I remembered you saying that the lands were going to change. Ringfort wise, I was building off the examples in Wull. Maybe if I expand the radius to 12-15 with 3 block walls will it be big enough for houses to fit in the interior. All good to wait.

    secondary wall, like this image, which is more like celtic oppida
    almost completely gone, stone mostly gone and slight raise. Then with stone ring fort more like ringforts in Britain.

    I had some kind of head canon for the fort itself. That why it was abandoned was due to being not as good a defensive position as the hillside of current Knott. It could have been the previous location of House Knott before the Knotts grew in power a bit and were able to build the castle, at which point it was turned into a holdfast and not manned as strongly as it should have been. This allowed for a power bid for the territory and one of the other clans invaded and captured the fort. It changed hands several times but the enemy were never able to man enough men within it to hold the fort, it was always more of an opportunistic move to try and intimidate the Knott. The walls were a somewhat easy source of stone for Knott[the village], it didn't have to be quarried and was not too far away. Thus it became more and more derelict and was buried partially under earth as Knott became able to defend against the particular invader far better and expanded its borders. This relies on the fort being very ancient, 500+ at least. perhaps 1000+

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    Ya looks great :) Love the Semi Canon :D
  3. Excited by all the activities.
    Peanut's holdfast looks good, the area may need some more trees added to the north and since the area's fairly flat you could look into using the leaf-blocks-under-snow-layers style of field.

    With the lakes/stream, have a think about how the planned nearby settlements will be factored into it's path.
    It looks like it will run close by that hamlet in the blue box, so perhaps Johan would be best to plot out it's path.

    Also so it's fairly flat you might want to try this meandering style of shallow glacial run off that I attempted here.

    I like Aero's ring fort idea's too. I think Johan was expecting to put a lake in that area somewhere so perhaps hold off on starting until the location of that is plotted out and factor it into the layout of the defences.

    So both have my approval once Johan's happy with where everything's plotted.
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    Can Ahorn go ahead too? He appleid for the fishing hamlet, and it all looks good. Understand if its hard to keep track of lol.
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  5. Oh yes, Ahorn's plan looks good, great work guys.
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