Completed Project Appliction: Ivy Inn & Sow's Horn


Hello, it's me again!

Now that I've returned from my absence I've completed the sections of the crownlands I started before I vacated so suddenly.

To my knowledge, the original app for this ended up expanding and contracting and covering different areas and then dropping others which made for an unintelligible mishmash so, for the sake of putting a cap in what I have and not taking too much of one area, I have only completed the parts that I started and was approved for. That being Ivy Inn and Sow's Horn; all of the crownlands bits and none of the riverlands bits.

I believe my original approving mods were NickShaiB and Bafflement, and I'm afraid I'm not certain as to the activity of either of them. Would any other mods need to take up the reigns?

/warp ivyinn
/warp sowshorn


The Dark Lord Sauron
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Hey Discs, most excellent work! I'm happy to see this project finished at last. I only have a few feedbacks:

- There's a couple fields that seem a little bit haphazardly done, such as this one here. I would try to clean those up a little bit, changing the topology slightly if you need to. Also, ideally the dirt paths in fields should be slabbed as well.

- There's an area of forest between ivy inn and sow's horn that you forgot to add grass to:
Also, I think it'd be good to sprinkle a bit of the newer forest blocks (bracken, etc.) into that forest and the others nearby, just a small amount will do.

- I'm a little bit unclear as to what the purpose of this bridge is- it seems like there should at least be an access point to the field there.

- I'm not a fan of the white harbor cobble being used here:
I understand it's supposed to be whitewashed stone, but I think it looks very out of place. I would recommend using a more muted/slightly browner tone instead.

- This retaining wall looks a bit too salt-n-peppery, I would recommend changing the bedrock to small stone brick.

Other than those things, beautiful work! I love the quaint and realistic feel of it all.
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