Completed Project Application: House Frost by Scubooty


Donkey Lord

You're hollow hill making accomplice now has too much power in their hands :p
I'll step in as approving mod for Frost in Endy's stead.

Honestly, I love this project and you've been managing it really well from what I have seen. Please continue innovating with snow! I'm really excited to see how Frost turns out, and how its leasing new life into the NE corner of the North.



This is well overdo, Frost is completed! It is ready for post-approval, hopefully Codd can come back and grace us with his presence to do it, hehe.
There are two issues I am currently aware of: Random Snow placement on Trees, and a few floating trees, I have taken time to scour through the forests and remove and fix as much as I can but I'm sure a few have slipped through the cracks.

Happy to finally have completed my first project!


Hey Scub!

I'm stepping in Codds place as approving mod, since he's been very busy.

That being said I already had a look over the project and it's looking great! It was nice flying around and finding all the little details and even easter eggs in the lands. I didn't find anything worth mentioning, all good. You have my post-approval :)