Withdrawn Project Application: House Bourney by bobbycatfisher


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Hey bobby,

Sorry about the delay. Overall, I really like how everything looks stylistically - the castle and hamlet plans seem quite nice and I think will fit in wonderfully with the Stoney Sept sprawl.

The plans for the lands seem good overall too, though I have some specific feedback:

- Overall I'm a bit worried about the field shapes, which seem sort of haphazard and awkward shapes. I'd like to see a little more work done on those in the planning/mapping stage - I would recommend reading more about the open field system (if you enter the term into google, you'll find a lot more sources and images about it too). I'd try to have a more integrated field system overall (punctuated by the pastures/forests), rather than just scattered fields here and there.

- Somewhat relatedly, the pastures (presumably cattle) shouldn't just be walled in boxes scattered around the project, but instead should be integrated with the hamlets and the forests. In fact, silvopasture was common during medieval times, and would probably make sense given the forested area the project is located in. It would be quite cool to see some of it (as well as other forests industries, like coppicing) in your plans.

- I agree with Dutch that some signs of rebel activity along the path to Hollow Hill would be cool (the path itself should be relatively obscure, IMO, nothing more than a small forest path with the encampment along the way). Just make sure to leave a buffer for the actual project, though.

As a next step before I give my approval, I think I'd like to see a bit more of a refined map, showing a more systematic approach to the fields/pastures/forest division (along the lines of the open field system I mentioned above) rather than just making shapes that fill the space. Let me know if you have any questions on my feedback.
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Hey emote, thanks for the feedback. I'm going to begin revising the plan when I have some time but in the meanwhile I have a question about the valley to the west of Bourney that is part of the Westerlands. I was wondering if I could redirect parts of the river into that valley in order to have a small river flowing through the middle of it, and then perhaps extending my plans to encompass part or all of the valley to include some more farms, hamlets, wilderness, etc?