Project Application Guidelines


Project applications should be posted in the subforum corresponding to the project's region. Thread titles should be formatted as the following: “Project Application:” + [Project Name] by [Builder name(s)].

In the body of the thread or in an attached Google doc or PDF you must include the following information:

Project Title
Builder name(s)


* What information about the project or surrounding region can you find in the books (or on A Search of Ice and Fire) or on secondary sources like A Wiki of Ice and Fire or The Citadel?

* What type of real world locations and buildings (or other sources) have influenced your plans? What type of feel are you going for?

* Outline your specific plans with as much detail as possible. These plans can include maps, minis, layouts, and anything else you feel you need for the project.

* Tests for castles must include: gradient, facade, wall, and tower tests
* Tests for towns/villages must include: facade tests for all relevant house classes; Can include: special buildings like guildhalls, septs, etc.
* Tests for terrain (optional)