Completed Project application: Clan Knott By Johan


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Broch update

It has always bothered me that i didn't have beehive/broch in the Knott project. Cash even suggested it back in the day, but i made the mistake of ignoring him (it won't happen again Cash). Now that the Northern mountains has been developed even further with Norrey, and my own gift builds to the north, it's becoming a little odd that Knott is the only one not having a Broch in this entire Mountain range. So i talked with Codd about adding one and he was cool with it.

Skærmbillede 2021-01-09 kl. 14.37.31.png

A house will have to be sacrificed, but the broch will cover the same function. This is at /warp Knott.

I also propose a second location which i haven't talked to Codd about. So i will wait until i have to heard from one of you mods (Cash or Codd) before doing anything.

It's to replace the HF at /warp knotthf with a broch. The HF was originally built by Iron as a mini project, and i will therefore make sure it doesen't go to waste. I will find it a new home in the gift.

Skærmbillede 2021-01-09 kl. 14.47.25.png

This should not take too long to do.


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Reminder that you have a ruined Broch/complex roundhouse that I built as a mini near one of the lakes.