Completed Project Application - Ashwood by _Simbaa


Right now I am still considering few changes to the layout, however first Ill want to speak to few people about it to confirm its doable, Ill make sure to keep you all updated one the result.



Updated the map to cover larger area and added few additional settlements, other than that all will be same.


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Approved! I probably won't have time to help with any of the terra on that side of the river, however let me know if you want me to explain the processes I used.


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No Pizzapproval necessary anymore, go for it!

I posted a bunch of inspiration images for the White Knife in Discord, FYI. In particular, I think the following image would be a good terraforming target for our region (sorry about the poor resolution):


Perspective is looking downriver (south) from the Ashwood and north WH area. Coniferous forest on the left would be the part I'm working on, with the sparser and more deciduous area on your bank.

This is roughly how I plan to terraform my banks:



I am abandoning this project, I lost all my passion for it, If id try to continue with it, it would end up being rushed and low-quality. Perhaps ill come back for it one day... or perhaps not... Anyway Id like to apologize to the community who helped me with the very little progress Ive done on it during the many months I had it, especially to the mods Emot & Cash.


I would like to once more claim this project as my own with few little changes:
mostly the map:
- few hamlets have been moved around
- castle has been moved
- somethings already in place have been added

for the castle ill be keeping prettymuch the same tests and just changing the layout to something similar to this:

Thats should include everything needed


Hey Simbaa, looking good!
Correct me if i'm wrong, but it seems like you are using simplex to make the heather patches? Personally, i'm not a huge fan of the clean patches that simplex makes as they just seem way too clean, generic and non-natural, in some cases it's just fine to use, but in others, like this one, where you can see a clear repeating pattern in the shapes created, i think we should avoid it. Luckily we have other tools for that. I suggest playing around with the perlin noise tool instead. Or even mixing the two, i've found that to work quite well, breaking up the repeating patterns and creating natural looking shapes and sizes.
Ask any mod in game or me, whenever i'm online, and they should be able to explain the command in more detail. It does takes some playing around with to get the hang of it and find the shapes you want but the result is a lot better.
(If i'm wrong, and you are already using the perlin tool, play with it some more and make it look less simplex-like;-) ).
Nice job.



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I'll jump in with some perlin noise examples
the way I use the command is first add a /gmask
/gmask [block to replace],

then the perlin command is:
//replace =perlin([NUMBER],x,y,z,.[NUMBER],[NUMBER],.[NUMBER])<.[NUMBER] [block to place]

One of the benefits of it is that unlike simplex, you can use it to place random blobs of just one kind of block (e.g. scattering a bunch of small leaf bushes).
e.g. if you wanted to place noise blocks on top of grass, you could do /gmask [0]&>[grass]

I have no idea what the actual values relate to, but with trial and error you can usually come up with something good.
Best to start with one of these examples and play with the numbers a bit.
In these examples I used /gmask 35:0
//replace =perlin(800,x,y,z,.15,5,.20)<.35 red

//replace =perlin(800,x,y,z,.20,5,.20)<.40 red

//replace =perlin(500,x,y,z,.15,2,.3)<.1 red

//replace =perlin(600,x,y,z,.15,2,.8)<.05 red

it works with mixes of blocks too
//replace =perlin(600,x,y,z,.15,2,.8)<.05 red,yellow

//replace =perlin(100,x,y,z,.12,5,.5)<.75 red

Since as far I know the perlin command can only either create a blob of just one kind of block, or have them all mixed randomly together, I find it best to run variations of the command with different placeholders to stack them together, like this:
//replace =perlin(400,x,y,z,.10,2,.07)<.3 red
//replace =perlin(600,x,y,z,.15,2,.8)<.05 blue
//replace =perlin(100,x,y,z,.20,5,.5)<.10 green

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