Probationary Builders: Read this to learn about your probation period


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If you are reading this and are a probationary builder, congratulations and welcome to the team! You are now a part of the build team of WesterosCraft.

After you have successfully completed all the challenges that moderators give you during your application process, please do the following:

1. Make a new thread called: "Probation: username" (Ex: Probation: davinator4O1) in this subforum.
2. Build at least 5 houses in 5 different locations. To find open projects to build at, visit /warp build. Each time you build a house, comment on your thread with the following information: The exact coordinates of the house (press F3), the location of the house (the warp name), and the description/occupation of the house.​
3. Wait for a probation leader to claim your probation and give you feedback. Any builder who is an approved probation leader or a moderator may assume leadership of probation.​
4. Follow the feedback given on your thread (and in game, for that matter) to the best of your ability and fix the issues on your houses.​
5. Keep in close contact with your probation leader. Discuss build techniques with them through forums and in game.​
6. Assuming you successfully completed all requirements of probation (build 5 quality houses at 5 different locations, maintain activity, and display a favorable attitude) you will be moved to full builder status approximately one month after your builder application is approved. Only moderators may say that probationary builders are allowed to be full builders.​

Note: the approval of your probationary leader in no way, shape of form constitutes in game approval. The final decision to approve your house is in the hands of the builder(s)/moderator(s) in charge of the project.

If you would prefer to have another probation leader (due to time zones, communication issues, or whatever), please notify a moderator through private message.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions about the process, please leave them in this comment section.

Update (6/15/16): As of now, probation builders no longer have to build at specific locations for it to count towards their 5 houses. Instead, probation builders can build houses anywhere, and must simply build at least 5 houses at 5 different locations. Do /warp build or ask around to see which locations are open.