Probation: tobinator1606


Hello Tobinator and welcome to Westeroscraft.

I am Spikespiegel and I will be your probation officer for the coming month or so.

During this month, I would like you to try and complete as many of the following tasks to find your niche:
1) Build in all the following regions:
a) The North
b) The Vale
c) The Riverlands
d) The Crownlands
e) The Stormlands
f) The Westerlands
g) The Reach
h) Dorne
2) Build all the following classes:
a) Low class
b) Middle class
c) High class (if you can't find anywhere open, pick a plot somewhere, copy it to your own plot and build it as though you were making a test for it)
3) Build the following places:
a) In a hamlet
b) In a rural location with animal pens/farms.
c) In a town
4) Make a test for something and have it approved.

When you post your builds here on the forums please post the following information:
Build number.
/warp ****
Coordinates xx/zz (Height doesnt really matter)

The probation period is usually a month, but if I deem you’re not ready I’ll extend the time, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, mistakes are always important regardless if you are a probie or a mod, but, if there’s any better time to make mistakes it’s during probation! And while building you can and should ask for help from other builders, hear their explanations, look at their examples and ways of doing things. But don’t let them build and step in your place, the purpose is not to make state-of-the-art pieces with the highest standard, it’s for you to learn and improve, that only happens if you do it yourself.

I am from the same timezone as you, but as I work evening and night shifts, you may find me unavailable when you are online. You can always send me an ingame message, using /msg Spikespiegel or you can hit me up on our Discord server. My nick there is PolarFox.

Again, welcome to the server. Enjoy your time here and remember to have fun :)


Real Quick if you want you can call me Tobi. Its shorter and better to write.
Unfortunately I'm on vacation right now and won't be able to start building until next week.

Thx for the quick response.
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Can I "claim" a second build as I'm building the first one or do I have to finish the first one?


1. Build 1
2. /warp eldersford
3. X -2887 / Z 69 / Y 15215

A low class farmer house. And there was a sign that said Jake will do the yards.


Feedback on house 1:
You need to revisit the example houses an extra time and take a closer look at the D&W patterns. Your house has several instances of "Timber Northern White Frame" stacked on top of eachother aswell as "Timber Northern White Vertical". On the example houses, you'll notice that apart from the bottom row, they only use "Timber Northern Vertical" and never the former block.
The chimney is much too weathered to the point where I think it would have fallen over.
You have fitted in a loft, even though there really is no space for a loft. You've accomplished this by not having support for the slate roof on the part of the building that has the loft. Always remember to add support for your rooves. I would remove this loft completely.
When you do add a loft, remember to place the hole for the ladder in a location where it doesn't cut through a rafter.
I would also space out the rafters more. I've added an example on how to space out your rafters in the sky over your build.

I applaud that you've decided to take on an angled house as your first build, and apart from the problems above, you've managed well :)


I removed the loft and rebuildt the support for the roof. I think it turned out better.
I really dont know what to do with the side of the building. The contrast between "Dark Northern Wood" and "Dark Northern Vertical" seems a little bit too off for me.


1. Build 2
2. /warp bechesterbuild
3. X 652 / Z 75 / Y 12072

A Septon. Batelgause helped me with the interior (Walls for the rooms).


Feedback on house 2:
Your rafters need to span the shortest distance of each room. This means, you have to turn the rafters in the kitchen and the entire upstairs floor by 90 degrees.
The rafters on the top floor also needs to be reworked. The entire roof needs to be supported. You can do this by either adding upside-down stair blocks and halfdoors under the entire roof, or you can do a system of stair/halfdoors with slabs between them to support the roof.
On the upstairs floor, you use two furnaces on top of eachother to resemble an oven. You also have food prep in the room. All the food prep would go in the kitchen. At most, there should be one furnace block for heating the house. And then remember to add stone above it for a chimney. You can also place the furnace directly into the chimney in the outside wall.
On the right side of the building, you have added a window that is covered by a halfdoor on the side. While this is not technically wrong, it does look odd to have the D&W pattern broken up by this halfdoor. I would move the window so it doesn't sit in the corner.
The D&W pattern itself is a bit odd, because it is only three blocks tall. If you look at the styleguide for the area, all the builds have D&W patterns of at least 4 blocks, so you can take advantage of the D&W vertical block. This is an easy fix. Your top row of the D&W pattern needs to go where the horizontal line of jungle wood is now. The horizontal line goes one block further up where theres vertical wood now. And then you add vertical D&W to the line that was previously the top of the D&W pattern.
Otherwise, great job on the interiour.


1. Build 5
2. /warp lonmouth
3. X 3599 / Z 150 / Y 18742

A workers house (very poor). Jeffjunior helped a bit with the interior.


Feedback on build 6:

The kitchen area is a bit weird. You use a barrel in the corner for a sink, but sinks werent really a thing. Its fine to have a barrel of water for water supply, just dont corner it in with kitchen blocks. Have it out in the open where its easy to replace.
Above the kitchen area, youve added a corner-shelf. This seems a little too over the top for a low class home. A simpler straight shelf would be preferrable.
And even so, the shelf is lacking the center.

Although the rest of the build looks great, Ive received some feedback that you initially had placed a big 2x2 table with stools,. You also had coloured carpets and flowers around. You need to remember what class you are building for. A low class baker would not waste money on expensive carpets and stools. He would not have a bigger table than he would need. He would probably not care for flowers. Try to put yourself in the tennants place when you build.
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1. Build 7
2. /warp oatown
3. X 7817 / Z 49 / Y 4545

A timber merchant. If the mirror in the bedroom is too much you can remove it.