Probation: Renly_Baratheon_

Build #2
/warp hornvale
XYZ: -4333.130 / 103.50000 / 11319.117

I left the stall in front empty because I think it doesn't make much sense for a weaver to have a stall on the street. So I don't know what would be sold there but it could just belong to somebody else's business or be empty atm.


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Hey Renly_Baratheon_! Welcome to the WesterosCraft Team!

Apologies for a delayed response to your probation thread. I will be your probation leader. The goal of the probational period is to familiarize yourself in-game by building 5 houses in different regional styles. There is no limit to how many houses you build, but the 5 styles are mandatory.

I would like for you to aim for the following tasks during your probation period:

1. Building in different Westeros regions when possible
a. The North
b. The Vale
c. The Riverlands
d. The Stormlands
e. The Crownlands
f. The Reach
g. Dorne

2. Build in a variety of different classes
a. Low Class
b. Middle Class
c. High Class (this option may be tough to run upon as it is the lesser common of the three)

3. Test for something special.


I prefer to leave feedback in-game with either melons or through personal messages (explanations) and might post on this thread for purely documentational purposes.

Disclaimer: feedback is not supposed to be hurtful in anyway. If you disagree with feedback, please do not be afraid to say so. It is important to get multiple point of views and access something in the correct way that meets our server standard.

My time zone is CST, I'm from Chicago. I am usually on around 4 pm - 12 am CST.
Please feel free to message me using the /sendmail RavishMeRed in-game OR on discord at RavishMeRed.
If there's anything you need, please feel free to reach out to me or other builders.

Looking for plots to build? Try /warp build. We also have a function that you can toggle on the dynamic map to see plots in game. Don't be afraid to ask around for open plots too.
When you post your builds on the forums, please follow/provide the following format:

1. Build Number
a. Number them on here and on your in-game tag
2. /warp [location name]
3. coordinates x,z

I will take a look at your previous 2 builds and try to give feedback as soon as possible.

Looking forward to working with you!
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Hey Renly! I finally got a chance to look over your first 2 houses in game. I left feedback in game but will be giving further explanation on here where I am not limited by word space.

Build #1
In the future, try and avoid doing 2 block tall (3 including the floor above) floor spaces. Unless if you are going for a cramped vibe maybe found in high densely populated areas, its best to do 3 block tall (4 including the floor above) to help better the proportions.
The house decorations may be too indicative of high-class despite being a middle-class build. The main bedroom with the double bed is fine as is. I'm more so referring to the single bedroom. I would suggest changing the bed to a Northern Bed or Itchy Thatch Bed if you really want, just to lower the overall class of the build.

Build #2
I understand the design you are trying to aim for in the rafters. That being said, it doesn't work all too well. I would advise swapping the stairs above the horizontal beam to maybe fence posts. If you are confused at all, I can assist in game or help find some designs.
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