Probation: MimiStockwell

Alright here's a couple new houses!

Low class house at /warp lcvillage
x: -1181.717 y: 41.0000 z: 7621.091

Low class Lumberjack at /warp ss
x:-1333.480 y: 46.000 z: 10905.604

Low class Miller at /warp ss
x: -1329.621 y: 41.000 z:11114.973

Low class Serf at /warp rousemont
x:-132.733 y:47.000 z:15209.094
Hop Farmer near /warp darke
x: 5465.471 y:47.000 z:11764.644

Farmer at /warp norreyhf2
x:1642.402 y: 44.000 z:-14404.844

Another Serf near /warp rousemont
x:-175.068 y:48.00 z:15227.765
Stoney Sept - Sheppard
x:-1773.797 y:62.000 z:10755.931

Stoney Sept - Cow Farmer
x:-1820.356 y:57.000 z:10862.282

Stoney Sept - Farmer
x:-1391.309 y:44.000 z:10933.556

Stoney Sept - Miller#2
x:-1337.790 y:50.000 z:10708.484

Stoney Sept -Brick Layer
x:-1403.583. y:47.49315 z:11386.406

Stoney Sept - Cow Herder
x:-1880.164 y:57.000 z:10861.310

Stoney Sept - Grocer
x-1936.087 y:53.000 z:10856.113
THTown - House #1
x:-6182.322 y:62.000 Z:10289.300

THTown - House #2
x:-6134.253 y:55.000 Z:10331.700

THTown - House #3
x:-6041.655 y:60.000 Z:10238.75

THTown - House #4
x:-6015.854 Y:59.000 Z:10229.117


Hi! I'll be your probation leader *grumbles about being the only active one* So I will check through your houses ASAP and we can go through common faults, things to look out for etc. We have worked on things for Norrey before and I think your work is of a high calibre. You've easily done the 5 different styles/locations. After the quality of all the builds are assured you'll only have the probationary period between you and full builderdom! Goodluck!


We have gone over your builds in game and I think are ready for fullbuilder! At the end of your probation month, ask a moderator to promote you.
Goodluck with future houses, cloisters, clams and cockles!