Probation: Lady_Alyce


Hey Alyce, congratulations on getting approved and welcome to the team! My name is Star and I'll be your probation leader for the next month! My job will be to provide you with feedback, advice, and tips for building while you work through the probation period and set you up for success as a builder!

For the duration of your probation, you will be tasked with building at least 5 different houses each in a unique style and place. Though this isn't a requirement, try to build a variety of different classes as well, from low to high, as that will help you hone your skills and expose you to the wide variety of builds that we do on the server! For places to build, check out /warp build, feel free to ask around and see if anyone has any open plots, or as Cash mentioned; check the dynmap!. It is also important to note that 5 houses is not the limit of what you can build, so please feel free to build as many houses as you'd like!

When you complete a build, please be sure to tag it with a block of your choice and a sign that has your name and what number probation build it is (i.e. "Probation Build #1", etc.). Then, make a post on here with the same number, the warp where the build is located, what the build is, and the coordinates of the build. I will go through the builds as you post them and provide feedback and subsequently my approval. Please note that my approval is not the same as approval from the project lead, and they may have additional feedback for you. Vice versa, approval from a project lead is not approval from me.

Your probation will last 30 days starting from when you build your first house. If you need more time than that to build the 5 houses, that is absolutely okay, you can take as much time as you need. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me through Discord (username same as here), the forums, or in game. Also ask around in game! We're a friendly and helpful community, and most people will be happy to lend a hand or provide feedback anytime you ask!

Happy building and have fun! :)
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hey, thanks so much!

I was just wondering how I start building? my gamemode on the server is still spectator, so I was just wondering how I would be able to change it and start?


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Hey Alyce, believe you should have been promoted to Apprentice now, see you around the server!