Probation: Jirik333


House No. 1: SS, x -1585; z 10800 Also one house near was build by me with great help of AlexisTragic.

House No. 2: Duskendale, x 5106; z 11777

House No. 3: Boltons, x 6090; z -7912. Cash had given me this build, also let some feedback for me there.

House No. 4: near White Harbour, x 1510; z -4332

House No. 5: Norrey, x 1034; z -14909. Big helf from AeksioOndos.


Alright, as the other Probbie leaders seem to be busy I will step in. Now, I've given you feedback before on the Norrey build and that really evidenced the amount of thought you put into each building so I am really looking forward to seeing what else you have produced and worked on.
So you have completed the 5 buildings of 5 different styles necessary for the application, good stuff there. If I think you are building at server standard, and your probationary month is over, you will be promoted to full builder rank.
Also, feel free to post more houses in this thread for the whole month (starting from the creation of building #1) and I will look over them and provide feedback where necessary.

no5 is approved, as the project lead I fine-tuned the house and exterior snow after you applied my feedback. You did a good job, the style and diagonal is a bit tricky.....snow....*shudders*


The first house, with great help from Alex has one major error. the ground slopes. the ground should be even within the house unless specified not to be. you can still have everything underneath the loft there, it just will require the occupant of the house to stoop to get in

I really liked the interiors of your 2nd SS house, really homey and the manure in the garden was great! especially as there are dung carters nearby who would sell such products. Nice touch.

what you need to work on to improve the SS houses:
-the gradient on both SS houses needs work. you seem to exclusively use light grey stone and small smooth stone brick for your gradients. have a look at how SpikeSpiegel has done his gradient for the stables nearby.
-declare that you built 2 houses at SS if you wanted feedback on both of them. I only noticed the original after going through the v good yard of the second one.

the yard. its overgrown and I can't think why. especially as there is a bed in the yard that miraculously has not spread off its palette onto the nearby ground. what is going on in the garden? the ints and exts are good though.

Bolton ringfort:
I've left melons at this build. its just details that need adressing, nothing too major except for the yard.
your yard doesnt really indicate that a workman makes and fixes barrels and wheels. interior details also need a bit of a touch up and gradient needs more work.

'near White Harbour':
I managed to find the house at Mosshamlet2 and I really like it. only problems is how you have 4 different hanging blocks in the pantry-like area. I would suggest removing the sourleaf because most things would be stored in draws and boxes as much as possible. Also, your woodpiles should have wattle fence or spruce halfdoor on their sides rather than fence. look at examples of outdoor woodpiles in Knott and in Norrey if you need to. another note, the livestock shed might look better with slab roof rather than fence. try it for yourself though and decide

Norrey I am good with