Probation: Horsthausen


Hey there!
I'll just start posting my builds although no one has picked up my probation leadership yet.
  1. Build #1
  2. /warp sfham3
  3. Coordinates -71/92/11112
A low class farmer

  1. Build #2
  2. /warp burleyham3
  3. Coordinates -1829/130/-11138
A local chief. Wasn't too sure about the banners for example and how well off this chief would be since it's still a low class build.


Hey Horstausen! I'll be your probation leader. Welcome to the team! I'm excited to see what you bring! Do you have any regions or builds that excite you? Any goals or projects you aspire towards?

I've looked over your project app to know what to keep an eye for and I have visited your first build!

Already from the last build in your app to this, there have been heaps of improvement. Really solid job for a first build. However, like all first builds there are a few minor changes and possible suggestions. I am big on seeing people listening and applying feedback so please ensure to keep these things in mind in your next few homes. Aswell, every builder carries different standards so what I might say some may disagree with, or you may disagree with it too! I want you to feel open to communicate with me and challenge me if you feel it's needed. And once this is all over you can throw what I say totally out the window. :D


  • I left a melon (feedback block) outside the two clotheslines seems a bit odd and redundant. One works perfectly!

  • The fireplace. While not incorrect or wrong to have this style of fireplace, however, We have better. I really want to encourage you to look at some of the surrounding fireplaces in the nearby homes and find one you like and switch out the one you have.


  • Try filling your space a little bit less. White/Empty space is not unused space.

  • In my opinion, yards should be full of plants and crops. These yards fed the families who tended to them so we should be making sure that we supply them enough crops :).

Overall great start! Lemme know if you have any questions. What is your time zone? If it works would you prefer to meet up in-game to discuss your builds? It's much more interactive and helps you learn more than bulleted points.
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Hey Otty,

First of all thanks for your first feedback and for being my probation leader. I really appreciate all the time you guys are spending to help me improve my builds. There is not really any particular region or build style I prefer because as I have read the books pretty much any region excites me as they are all so realisticallly and authentically created by GRRM. Please don't hesitate to criticise me when I don't hold up to the server standards because I want to improve my building. I am currently in Germany, so my time zone is CEST (UTC+2) but in acouple of weeks I will be moving to Uganda which is in EAT (UTC+3). I have already tried to implement your feedback to my first build in Sarsfield and also continued to build some more:

  1. Build #3
  2. /warp torhamlet4
  3. 3493/62/22406
A small farmer's house. Already implemented the feedback from the project leader

  1. Build #4
  2. /warp torhamlet4
  3. 3476/63/22419
This one is a medium class potter that already received heavy feedback by the project leader but also tried to fix that

  1. Build #5
  2. /warp goodeham
  3. 437/62/13020
Another small farmer

I'm looking forward to your feedback and I'm open to meeting you ingame. Until then I'll continue building :)
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Hey! Glad to see some builds!
I've address the first 3 and would like to see the changes I suggest to the sixth before I visit it!

I've left a few melons but here are the changes I expect to see rather than the suggestions.
Torham4 Farmer:
  • Moving/ Removing one of those corner windows to minimize the number of shutters in the corner
  • Removing one of the tables
  • The pallete on Torham4 Farmer isn't terrible but I think it could be better on just that one side. Marg did a great job giving an example of how to do a good pallete and I want to see something a bit closer to that for that side :)
Torham4 Potter
  • Error on shutter direction. (all 4 are facing the same direction you'll want them to all face inward.)
  • No Expected Changes.

  • I'm going to once again implore you to consider your use of empty space. Your walls and floors are filled with stuff. Empty space isn't unused space. Consider the arrangement carefully rather than attempting to fill it. In design, we would refer to something like this as white space. White space is not bad! Just use it thoughtfully. :)
  • I can see that your yard has received some feedback. I would encourage you to terrace it a bit if that slabbed section is getting you frustrated :)
  • I personally don't like homes with a lot of utensil blocks in them for kitchens. While they certainly had their trusty pot and knives it seems a bit much to have multiple blocks with them. They cost money and not everyone could afford so many. However this is an Otty thing, so I can't expect the change but I would encourage it.
Overall these are some pretty minor changes still! I want to you to continue to send me homes and I'll look over them! You're doing a great job and are on the path towards being a builder!

Unfortunately, it looks like our hours won't be lining up regularly so we will have to do this stuff with melons and forum posts. SO I encourage to throw out to chat that you would to get some feedback so you get some one-on-one stuff. If you do this leave a Lil note on your post that some builders looked at it ingame :)

Keep up the great work! Oh, and Uganda sounds pretty cool! Have some great adventures there!


Hey Otty,

Thanks again for your feedback. I did my best to address all of the issues you mentioned with my builds. Also I have continued some building. Hope you like the results and I'm looking forward to more feedback. I was also wondering why you skipped my second build at burleyham3 with your feedback and went on to the next three builds as I was a bit unsure about that one in particular.

  1. Build #7
  2. /warp burleyhf1
  3. -2477/125/-10277
Another Burley house
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  1. Build #8
  2. /warp kl13
  3. 3695/76/-1196
A King's Landing tailor. I already received and implemented heavy feedback from the project leader while working on this. It also took quite a while as you may have noticed.



I've gone through KL13's home.
The feedback here was pretty thorough but I have 2 things I want to note. One(and a half) changes and a few suggestions.


Your thatch carpet is one line the squiggles along the floor, try to bring it together into a more oval/circular shape. This and also cover up the exposed stone for the overhang if possible. Not really something to stress about, but if you can cover it easily with wooden carpet then please do so


Now I think this concept has phased out, but during the first KL build we were told to avoid using flowers as decoration in anything really below a Middle/High Class. This was simply due to pollution along streets making it hard to grow and lower classes just not taking time to tend to purely decorative fauna (herbs and spices were probably more likely). I walked around a few other houses that had flowers though, so I'm not pressed to see this change and I don't mind the addition if done so thoughtfully :D! I still like the bit of logic for it though, getting builders to think about why they're placing stuff, and if that stuff would be present in that home both historically and logically. And I want to encourage you to really think about why you need this decorative object. Again, please avoid placing stuff to fill up space.

You also showed a lot against the wall, no need for that haha. It's A-okay to put things in the middle of the room.

Avoid glass pewters. Glass wasn't as inaccessible to come by as we may think, but I just wouldn't be putting too many in a middle-class tailor.

I see you have a book in a cabinet. This is okay depending on what the book represents. As a reminder, people were illiterate and therefore books were pointless. They also had to be written by someone who could write and did so by hand (pricey!). However, books for empty pages to keep sketches of garment layouts or ledger books is acceptable. Because I do not know the context in which you placed this book I just wanted to place this reminder here that we don't place books in most homes. :) If you had a good reason for it by all means call me out! I have no mind being told off.

In general, I know you had a lot of space to fill up but it seems to me you need to continue working on thinking about what each class had accessible to them and if it was functional or decorative, etc. No need to a history expert by any means but being mindful does help create for more immersive homes :)

I'll get by to #7 sometime soon! BTW the outside of this KL13 house is looking awesome real solid work/improvements there!

Again everything is open to discussion. We all carry a different set of standards that may conflict with what suggesting. But what I'm here to do it to help define your own standard and to get you thinking about certain elements of our design style, while also ensuring the build does hold up to our baseline standard, which can be very hard to define. I am disappointed I have yet to catch you online to work with you one on one to discuss your work more in-depth rather than "change/suggestion" thing I'm trying here.


You're still fully set to be a builder on the 12/13th of September tho! No fears from my latest feedback. I also skip builds sometimes intentionally haha, though thanks for reminding me. I typically skip them to see if you apply some of the feedback I had already given so I don't sound like a broken record.

I've taken a look and burley seems like a lot of my suggestions and changes can be applied here. So, lets reel back everything that's going on in here. Lets knock out 25% of the stuff in this room (does not literally need to 25%). Im not going to tell you what I think you should do. I want you to think "What can I take away?" Little challenge for ya! Oh and this is only for the Interior/yard, exterior is good!

Tip! Refer to my previous suggestions and feedback.


Hey Otty,

thanks for the feedback. I've tried to implement it into my KL13 build and also tried emptying out the burley chief house a bit xD. In the meantime I have been working on two more builds where I tried to keep your previous feedback in mind. I'm looking forward to your feedback to these as well.

  1. Build #9
  2. /warp lonmouthtown
  3. 3625/117/18769
I have already received and implemented fb from Jeff and Aeksio on this one.

  1. Build #10
  2. /warp dereham
  3. -68/56/13881
A small farmer
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Okay, I've gone through the homes!

Burley is improved good job!

I have only overall comments and no required changes.

Please once you finish a house try to knock out more items. Once it's 100% done go back and find 3 blocks/items you can remove and it'd make a difference on the space. Unused space is not bad don't forget :) I'm still seeing this as a bit of a hold-back is all. Keep working on interiors! They've seriously improved

As I said before you're approved to become a builder. On the 12th go ahead and ask a mod to remove your N! Don't forget before moving onto a full project you must have two mini's/mini equivalents. Mini's help you learn plotting and other basics of bigger projects so they're important and fun! Full projects are big commitment to start on, so no need to rush! Enjoy the process!

Welcome and congrats! Hope to eventually run into you in-game sometime haha!


Hey Otty,
thank you so much for taking up my probation and helping me through this stage, especially with your feedback. Now that I arrived in Uganda I hope I'll be able to pick up some minis myself soon. I also have completed two more builds while I was still on probation, so I think I might need to post them here as well to get your formal approval:). Also I hope to meet you ingame soon

  1. Build #11
  2. 443/55/12209
  3. /warp goodeham1

  1. Build #12
  2. -3492/73/14723
  3. /warp hamellvillage