Probation: hehehe426

hello hehe i will be your probation leader. What i need of you is to build atleast 5 houses in 5 different styles in the next month. I will be going over your houses and giving you tips on how to improve them in the future. I'd prefer to do that ingame but if i havent seen you ingame for a couple days I will just post the feedback on this thread. Thanks!


thank you!

Here is my Third House:
Low Class Servant Family House
/warp stoneysept

[X: -1560, Z: 11294, Y: 46]
Sorry i'm getting back to you so late...

House #1 (fermont)
-The shelves on the west end of the house aren't supported by anything, I'd just put some halfdoors on one side and remove the other shelves. There are also too many crates over on that side of the house, i'd perhaps add another bed in place of some.
-No point in having a candle above a fireplace, especially one so close to the rafters that could cause a fire. There would be plenty of light coming from the fire when it's lit too.
-I'd have some clothes hanging inside maybe. Also more beds. This house is quite large for the two people who are currently living there based on the one double bed.
-I'm not sure if the yard is incomplete or what but it's very very sparse. You will need to talk to the project leader on how far the yard should extend to the north but right now your yard is basically nonexistent. Here are some things you will need to do:
  • Add a proper dirt/gravel mixture throughout the yard where people will walk
  • Add dirt/gravel paths, including leading to the front door of the house and side entrances to the yard
  • Increase the amount and size of vegtable plots
  • Add animal pens (chicken, pig, dogs)
  • Add proper washing area with a barrel, mud, etc.
  • Look at other nearby yards for ideas of stuff to add
House #2 (holt)
-Your wood gradient is pretty good, just a bit too random. Try and concentrate the jungle wood closer to where wood would be decaying or wet (on the ground, near rooflines, chimneys, doors). Make sure it's in larger clumps as well rather than spotty random ones.
-Nice work on interiors. Only thing is in the attic, there seem to be alot of crates and barrels. I'd maybe add more baskets, hanging clothes, cobwebs, etc. to spice up the interior of the attic instead of a bunch of heavy storage objects. Remember they would have to carry all that stuff up a small staircase! Also maybe add 1 more bed.
-The roof could maybe use a northern wood wall along the very top to make the roofline less blocky, try it out and see if it's worth keeping.

House #3 (stoney sept)
-I don't like the split wood table on the inside I think you should just make it all jungle wood. They wouldn't build a table halfway and then make the other half out of some random crates.
-Interior is nice. I think you could do one more bed on the east end of the attic. Medieval families were very large compared to today. You could also maybe do a thatch or fur rug upstairs.
-You gotta do slabs outside in the yard. The full block steps just look too blocky. It might be hard to work it into such a small yard, but you can do it.
-Make sure the daub and wattle patterns on the front and back of the house match. The one in the back is a bit too busy anyways. Remember that the wattle is meant to be structural support, and make sure your designs reflect that.

Nice work on these. I will get to the white harbor house soon. I'd also suggest doing more styles outside of north/riverlands. I'd suggest wyl, reach houses, or westerlands if we have any projects there.


House 1:
Done. The reason I only had 2 beds at first is because the sign designation for the plot was just "Farmhand and Wife".

House 2:
Done. I can't put hanging clothes up in the attic though, no matter what way I do it it always looks weird.

Almost done with House 3 rework, will finish later.