Probation: Gawain777


Hey Gawain! Congrats on becoming builder and welcome to the WC team.

I will be your probation leader. The goal of the probational period is to familiarize yourself in-game by building 5 houses in different regional styles. There is no limit to how many houses you build but the 5 styles are mandatory.

I would like for you to aim for the following tasks during your probation period:

1. Building in different Westeros regions when possible
a. The North
b. The Vale
c. The Riverlands
d. The Stormlands
e. The Crownlands
f. The Reach
g. Dorne

2. Build in a variety of different classes
a. Low Class
b. Middle Class
c. High Class (this option may be tough to run upon as it is the lesser common of the three)

3. Test for something special.


I prefer to leave feedback in-game with either melons or through personal messages (explanations) and might post on this thread for purely documentational purposes.

Disclaimer: feedback is not supposed to be hurtful in anyway. If you disagree with feedback, please do not be afraid to say so. It is important to get multiple point of views and access something in the correct way that meets our server standard.

My time zone is CST, I'm from Chicago. I am usually on around 4 pm - 12 am CST.
Please feel free to message me using the /sendmail RavishMeRed in-game OR on discord at RavishMeRed.
If there's anything you need, please feel free to reach out to me or other builders.


When you post your builds on the forums, please follow/provide the following format:

1. Build Number and Plot Profession
a. Number them on here and on your in-game tag
2. /warp [location name]
3. coordinates x,z

For plots, there are multiple ways to find new plots to build at.
/warp build
and the dynamic map. Toggle the 'Open Plot' marker in the upper left hand corner.

Looking forward to working with you! See you in game!


Went over these first 2 builds in game. Very very solid.

KL house style was well produced.
Very nice job on the yard for the Hornvale HF barn.
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1. Build 6: Poor-middle class insula.
2. /warp RPharbor
3. -10120, 25356

Checked over w/ rav ingame.

and also did a test for the stables in kl13 at my plot (/warp gawain, 532, 0.754)