Probation: DaeronTheDarling


Welcome to the Team DaeronTheDaring!
I will be your probation leader for the following weeks!

U have to build 5 houses in 5 different styles but feel free to make more then 5 houses just make sure u post every Building in this thread.
Important is that u mark ur houses with a sign and post all the houses u build in ur probation in this post that I can check them out and give feedback if needed.

That includes
- the warp of ur build (or coordinates)
- the profession of the build
- the number of ur build (probie build #1, #2 …)

I will give feeback with Melons ingame.

U can find open plots at /warp build or ask arround if someone has a open plot. Don’t be afraid to ask for help u can text me on discord and I will help u!
Also Check our dynamic Map. U can look for open Plots if u select Plots at the Filter on the left side.
Also always check out the style guide from
Each project!

Goog luck with ur probation

-Jeff :)
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Hey Jeff. Wanted to let you know Iam still very much alive. I just have a lot to do irl as my midterms are coming. Hopefully, I will be back for building soon. :)
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